Explore the Best Storage Units in UAE, Dubai

Millions of people use storage units in the world. The rising demand for them has brought many more new companies that offer storage units in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al-Quwain, Fujairah, Abu Dhabi, and more parts of the world. Mainly in UAE, the market has reached up to US$89.06m in revenue in 2022. On the other hand, the world’s market data shows 1.709 billion sq. ft. in the world. 

Why do you need storage units?

Today storage units have become a must-have space for millions of people globally. Whether they are moving homes or want to release office spaces from additional furniture, keep their belongings, or need less workspace clutter and advanced security, storage units work to their best. They give easier and hassle-free access to the belongings and offer a wide range of benefits to the users.

With so many storage units in the UAE, you may wonder which one to choose. We have done little research and chosen five trusted self-storage companies operating in the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai!

1. Vachi Storage

Vachi Storage is one of the trusted companies in Dubai that offers affordable Individual storage units from 25 sq ft. Up to 300 sq ft. The company has outstanding self-storage solutions for businesses, personal use, and luxury cars. Here you can find tailored services to customize your luggage space, volume, and apartment or have any of your storage needs covered. The company will provide you with complete peace of mind and give you 24/7 storage access, not to mention the best price guarantees. Even the most complex needs will get covered by this premier self-storage company.

2. Easytruck

Easytruck is another self-storage company in Dubai that offers convenient storage solutions. The company ensures to provide spaces that are pest-free, dust-free, and air-conditioned. You can download a free storage checklist that will help you to prepare your items for storage. One of its benefits is that it offers storage and moving, so its team will help you to carry your items, pack them, and then unpack them as soon as you need them. You can find a storage calculator on the company website to find out how much space you need.

3. On The Move

On The Move is another Dubai-based company run by a British management team. It offers dedicated customer service and a customized approach to the client’s needs. Besides storage solutions, the company provides different services, including pet relocation and moving within UAE or internationally. They offer a safe storage facility with 24/7 protection through CCTV. Whether you are renovating your home, want to move to another place, or just want to store your belongings securely, you will get an easy and stress-free solution.

4. Boxit Storage

Boxit offers storage solutions in the Middle East, specifically UAE and Kuwait. It is another well-known and trusted service that delivers a hassle-free solution as soon as you need it. You get 24/7 availability for your items, as the team will pack and pick up your belongings as well as bring them back when you need them. These services are optional, and you will get charged separately. The storage fee starts from 150 AED. The company offers flexibility, affordability, safety, and a wide range of other benefits to its customers.

5. Extra Space Dubai

Extra Space Dubai is a storage company that offers international standards in storage, affordable prices, and other benefits. Whether you are looking for personal or business storage, the company will cover your needs and provide safe storage with a 24/7 CCTV Monitoring Room. The storage solutions are air-conditioned and aim to provide the optimal temperature for your belongings. Here you can find temporary and permanent solutions that will allow you to cut costs and save space. The company offers customer-centric services and approaches to each of the complex needs.


Self-storage companies offer great opportunities. To enjoy them you should find a reliable company that offers trusted services and outstanding customer experience. No matter what you store, if it is particularly temperature or humidity-sensitive items, electronics, furniture, or anything else, it is always wise to research the company and all the details. With the right storage solutions, you will get great benefits.