Explore, Stream and Download Your Favorite Youtube Channels Without Advertisements

One certain boom that happened recently in the digital space is that the sudden and encouraging increase of amazing YouTube channels. It has become a standard norm to present content for individuals and organizations and the chances to get engagement is higher than ever. It will be safe to say that we use Youtube for all kinds of video purposes now. Consider any category. Music, Movies, Automobiles, Tech, Religious, Travel, Lifestyle… Youtube is our one step away app that we relay but then there comes the irritating part and sometimes mind freaking element called advertisements. Not just once or twice but more and more that kills all the flow. What if there is an app where we have access to each and every Youtube video without any advertisements? That too without paying any money? We all wished for it but now with  YouTube Vanced is arriving with much more than what you’ve dreamed, It’s time to move in.

What is  YouTube Vanced.?

YouTube Vanced is a blended client of Youtube in which the user will have access to all the videos on YouTube. The app allows users to explore and watch videos with advanced features such ad “Adblocker”, “Free Video Downloader”, “Background Music Player” etc. The inbuilt system makes sure that the download is extremely fast and smooth play while using a background player.

Say Goodbye to YouTube Ads.

Vanced comes with an integrated system ad-blocking feature”  to remove any ads that you might see in the Videos. What you experience will be clean and pure content. 

Using YouTube Vanced users will be able to explore, stream and download any videos that are available on YouTube

What are “Free Video Downloader”, “Background Music Player” and “Pop up Player”?

Free video downloader will give users the ultimate access to download the videos in the format and quality in which he/she may prefer. Available in Video and Audio formats, it is easier to download videos as it is or to create MP3 versions of the music in the video. The feature also includes the option to download content in the desired quality from 144p to 4k according to the original video.


Background Music Player is another unique feature that allows users to play music in the background. It works exactly like a music player while you can have the immense inventory of YouTube.

Pop-up Player is fundamentally the key when the user wants to use another application like WhatsApp or Instagram while streaming videos. A capsuled video screen will appear on the screen with options to adjust the size and the movement of the screen can be controlled with a single touch when you want to move the screen.

Excited about what you read? YouTube Vanced  comes with more features such as

  • Sync YouTube subscriptions
  • Double tap for fast forward and backward.
  • Likes, Dislikes, and Comments option
  • Video Speed Meter
  • Caption activation 

Visit the official website of YouTube Vanced here.

Now download the new super cool YouTube Vanced using the one-click option below. It includes 4 steps from clicking the one-click to giving installer permission as explained below.

  1. Click on the button to reach the Vanced downloader file
  2. Upon then, the APK file will start downloading. meanwhile, go to the phone’s setting and enable the app installation feature on your smartphone. 

Settings > Security and enable ‘Allow installation of apps from sources other than Play Store’.

  1. Now tap on the downloaded APK file to launch its installer and give your browser permission to install the app.

Now it’s time to watch “Vanced” with your favorite YouTube channels and enjoy uninterrupted service.