Explore a Realm of Opportunities in 2021. See the Impact of Your Career Progression With a “Prodegree”

Courses like credit analysis, financial analyst training or data science programs are professional courses that cannot be restricted to theoretical studies. Imarticus Learning understands this and provides programs like DSP, as well as training for credit analysts and financial analysts that are collaborative and supported by industry professionals. 

What is a “Prodegree”?

Imarticus Learning provides extensive courses that include data science training online, credit analysis and financial analysis programs. These courses are known as “Prodegrees”. A Prodegree from Imarticus Learning prepares students for work in specific industries through hands-on training and projects. A Prodegree like CRU or a data science program will teach students to deal with actual issues and find solutions to complex problems that they will face as professionals. 

Every Prodegree offered by Imarticus Learning is created in collaboration with industry experts. This ensures that students enrolled in credit analyst courses, data science or financial analysis programs get real case studies to research and provide solutions for. Capstone projects developed with KPMG are available for students. This not only helps them understand what it requires to be a professional in the industry but also helps them develop better portfolios and resumes. 

How can a “Prodegree” help?

Students might wonder what makes the Prodegree from Imarticus Learning different from other courses or programs. Following are certain points that will help potential candidates understand the opportunities that Prodegrees offer and why one should consider getting enrolled. 

Prodegree in Financial Analysis

A Prodegree in financial analysis or FAP provides specializations in corporate finance, private equity and investment banking. Students will be given detailed course materials and can focus on projects in their fields of interest. 

Flexibility of Learning Methods

Prodegree courses can be classroom-based or led by an instructor online. Students can choose whichever mode of learning is suitable and prepare their work accordingly. This grants flexibility for students who work or have prior commitments.

Mentorship and Placements

Prodegrees like data science training online, credit analysis and financial analysis courses require industry experience. A hands-on approach is necessary for students to become successful candidates when looking for jobs. Imarticus Learning ensures a mentorship program as a part of the Prodegrees. It prepares students to conduct projects that will win them international recognition and guarantees placements. Students are taught soft skills and provided the knowledge required to sit through interviews and land the best jobs.

Change of Careers

The biggest opportunity that a Prodegree offers is career transition. New graduates, as well as working professionals, can opt for Prodegrees. For the latter, these courses provide an opportunity to explore different areas of work and settle for a more rewarding profession. 

  • Industry Certification

Certifications are of utmost importance. For a candidate to be successful and get hired, an industry certificate is necessary. Having a Prodegree from Imarticus Learning in data science, financial analyst training or credit analysis enables that. The skills that students are taught are based on industry requirements, which is why the certificate holds more weight. 

Course Toolkits

Imarticus Learning offers toolkits for Credit analyst courses, data science programs and financial analysis programs. These Prodegree toolkits are specific to the programs and contain information that will help students get a better understanding of the subjects. For example, the toolkit provided for credit analysis ensures that the students have all information necessary to assess the credit landscape of the country. Such toolkits help students become more confident and they can deal with issues related to the subject better. 

Students looking to land a job that allows them to showcase their skills and knowledge should consider a Prodegree from Imarticus Learning. It will not only provide thorough training but catapult them to the top of the professional field.