Expert Guide to Deep Clean and Sanitize your Gym

Gyms are known to be the fitness locations; and, when it comes to your fitness business you have to maximize the safety measures for your customers. People generally work out at your gym and reach their fitness goals in return for sweats.

Imagine how the condition can turn alarming when such drops of sweat can carry and clone diverse germs. Consequently, your customers can fall ill.

Deep cleaning is the ideal service for your gym. However, it is not possible that you can afford deep cleaning even when your gym is occupied. At the end of the day, you can try some cleaning tricks to maintain hygiene at your gym. After all, clients prefer a hygienic and latest tool-equipped gym.

Moreover, deep cleaning services have become more and more important due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Let’s see how you can deal with the cleaning services at your fitness facility.

How can you Disinfect the Gym?

If you are the owner of any gym along with being a personal trainer, it’s your duty to disinfect your gym at any cost. Coming in contact with your customers at your gym, other fitness studios, and at client’s places, as well, needs precautions. Moreover, germs tend to stay active on different surfaces of different work-out tools.

However, gyms are the hotbeds for germs due to sweat and the temperature inside the gym. Probably, you don’t want to take any chance with your clients’ health along with yours.

Hence, time-to-time disinfection along with deep cleaning Dubai services are appreciable. Avail such commercial services from Dubai Cleaners who have got a proper license and experienced professionals with maintained health regulation.

Furthermore, here’s what you have to take care of while deep cleaning your gym on your own.

1.   Hand Wash

You know that twenty-second hand-wash has become mandatory. You have to wash your hands before you dive into cleaning. Rub your hands vigorously for twenty seconds with adequate soap and water. Otherwise, you can use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer to make your hands germ-free. Make sure that the hand sanitizer contains 70% alcohol.

2.   Personal Protective Equipment

Your gym encounters enough traffic and you can’t tell who is infected and who isn’t. That’s why to maximize your own protection, wear a PPE kit. There are numerous PPE kits available in the market. Go for a trusted one.

3.   Disinfection Wipes

You can’t clean all those fitness equipment with detergent and water. Hence, you need to be gentle but effective. Thus, only a disinfection wipe can help you. Get certified disinfection wipes. Swipe those wipes in the same direction; don’t apply back and forth. Use multiple wipes until you are satisfied while disinfecting treadmills, ellipticals, etc.

Moreover, you can also use disinfection spray to avoid the direct touch of the equipment. Don’t wipe the excessive amount of disinfectant with a cloth. Let the disinfectant stay on the equipment for hours. You need not clean off those. This will multiply the efficiency of the disinfection process to a great extent.

4.   General Cleaning

Make sure the changing corners and lockers are clean. Only cleanliness can’t provide maximum protection; instead, opt for disinfection. Clean and disinfect yoga mats and gym balls. Use disinfectant wipes to wipe out lockers. Also, clean the floors, showers, toilets, and dusty surfaces. Only, use approved cleaning and disinfectant agents to ensure 100% safety from Coronavirus and other deadly infections.

Customer Education: Major Factor

You can’t keep an eye on every customer at your gym. Hiring professional cleaners like phs Ireland is important, but you must educate the customers as well on how to maintain hygiene in the gym. Tell them about the importance of maintaining personal hygiene measures at your gym. Thus, they can save themselves and prevent the increasing rate of infection. Here’s how you can make them learn.

1.   Cover

Provide your customers with towels that they can use to cover a piece of equipment when in use. The towel will work as a safeguard between your gym equipment and the customer. This is beneficial for both the customer and the next customer who will be going to work out on the same gym equipment.

2.   Wipe

Make disinfectant wipes accessible to your clients. So, they can wipe their working out equipment on their own. This is most effective for those who have a tendency to sweat more while working out.

3.   Wash

Ask your clients to wash their hands after they have completed their fitness sessions. Washing hands is the most reliable way to prohibit the spreading of germs. Don’t forget to remind your clients not to touch their face, eyes, and nose with dirty hands.

Employee Education

Now, it’s the turn for your employees. Your employees can guide all your clients if you clearly state them what to do. First of all, you have to organize a training session to train your employees with safety measures. Let’s discuss, briefly.

1.   Training

Convey the importance of cleanliness and disinfection to the employees. Additionally, pay strong emphasis on twenty-second hand-wash and other disinfection procedures. Make sure that everyone can avail themselves a PPE kit and disinfectant wipes. Create a Safety Data Sheet for Recording every safe handling and other precautions at the crisis time.

2.   Schedule Regular Cleaning

Clearly mention that the employees should carry out cleaning service more often. Provide them with instructions so that they don’t miss anything. Otherwise, you can avail deep cleaning Dubai services from Dubai Cleaners.

3.   Documentation

Keep proper documents to ensure regular cleaning and disinfection service. Daily cleaning schedules are the best option to flatten the infection graph, which includes Coronavirus.


You might get confused between disinfection and sanitization. Disinfection assures eliminating microorganisms and pathogens up to 100%. Whereas, sanitization would not be as powerful as disinfection, as it just decreases the level of germs on the surface. You might think of what to choose between sanitization and disinfection. Here’s the answer.

Most of the gym surfaces don’t absorb liquid or air, that is they are non-porous. Hence, both sanitizer or disinfectant can be used. But, when it comes to fitness equipment, disinfectants are prioritized. Hence, you should consider disinfectant wipes for eliminating germs from your gym.

Important Factors to Consider

PPEs come with a gown, goggles, face mask, face shield, gloves, and a helmet. Hence, trainers should wear PPE because they can’t maintain social-distancing from their clients.

When they need no PPE, they should use a mask to protect themselves and others. Encourage your employees to use hand-sanitizers, as well.

Get a glance at the summarized version of deep cleaning Dubai services at your gym:

  • Get cleaning services on a daily basis.
  • And, disinfection is far better than sanitization.
  • Review the disinfection section again if you are missing something out.
  • Make your clients aware of their personal hygiene maintenance needs.

Moreover, you can always avail hassle-free deep cleaning Dubai services from Dubai Cleaners. They are easy to reach and the professionals maintain every required health safety measure to protect you. Keep essentials disinfected, keep safe.