Experience Unique Desert Safari Experience In The Middle Of Al Badayer Desert

If you are a nature lover and adventure seeker, the desert safari adventure is something not to be missed out. The overnight desert safari Sharjah is a mandatory experience for all tourists coming to the UAE. You spend worthy time enjoying thrilling desert sports, eating BBQ dinner, enjoying exciting dance performances, and lying in a tent under the sky full of stars. The landscape of the Al Badayer desert is one of the most famous camping sites in the UAE. It is famous for its vast hospitality and traditional experiences. The big red dunes are perfect to enjoy adventuresome activities. The vast landscape of deserts is the UAE is the habitat of numerous animal species as well.

The exclusive desert safari Sharjah offers are affordable to experience the true taste of culture. The burnt orange dunes of the Al Badayer desert seek the attention of tourists. The 45 minutes dune bashing session on alternating dunes is enough to give you Goosebumps to enjoy thrilling activities. Stuck on the apex of dunes and striking with the sand storm on your Jeep’s window is full of adventure.

ATV quad biking in the middle of the desert offers an ultimate desert experience. Many tourists find it difficult to manage the speed of this bike but it is very easy. It has big flat tires to reduce the friction caused by grains of sand. Similarly, the handle helps you to manage this bike while wandering in the desert.

Sand skiing is parallel to snow skiing. The difference is that you enjoy it on beveled dunes. The dunes are as soft as cotton, so never get a single rash on your body. The camel ride to the campsite is an amazing activity. There is something exceptional waiting for you at the campsite!

The desert safari Sharjah offers include world-class dining facilities and traditional entertainment experience. The falcon show and art of henna represent a true glimpse of Emirati culture at the campsite. Having authentic and traditional Arabian cuisines at the campsite is beyond the scope to explain here.

The traditional sitting areas take your closer to the typical Arabian lifestyle. The dance performances like Belly dance, Tanura dance, fire dance, and Stickman show are like a cherry on the top. The artists playing melodious Arabian flutes and dancers dancing on them sprinkle magic in the environment.

The Arabian sheesha pipes are the specialty of this region. At the campsite, an area is specified for tourists to enjoy savory sheesha pipes. The Bedouin camp is a perfect place for relaxing after spending anadventuresome day in the desert enjoying desert sports. Likewise, Sharjah city tours represent a true blend of Emirati lifestyle, architecture, and heritage.

You completely cut-off from the hustle and bustle of the city life and feel relaxed being closer to nature. It would be a lovely experience to take a fire lamp in your hand and exploring the wildlife in the desert. Besides enjoying adrenaline-fueled desert safari adventures, Sharjah city tours are also worthy to enjoy.