Experience the Future of Sales Training with Rhetora, the AI-Powered Startup based in the UAE

The sales industry is stressful and fast paced, with cold calling at the forefront of engaging with potential investors and leads. Cold calling can often be a difficult aspect of sales to navigate, however, rhetora has made training for cold calling easier than ever.

The UAE based start-up platform uses the latest in AI development to create different scenarios wherein sales representatives can practice cold calling in an offline, stress-free environment, with proven methodologies for introducing new scripts and roles for your team.

With unlimited mock calls, rhetora will ramp sales reps in days instead of weeks without burning your lead list or cutting into managerial work time. The platform makes navigating stressful conversations streamline and a more manageable experience for the representative. It provides managers with the ability to customise and tailor the training modules for every aspect of the sales and support process.

It has been found that nearly 60 per cent of reps find objection handles from internet searches, which in turn leads to sub-par and unrelated solutions. With the use of AI, rhetora will suggest rebuttals with the highest win rate. These win rates, as well as the flow of conversation, are completely trackable, with quantifiable improvements that will impact your programs positively.

Rhetora can be used throughout the sales force, with real world training that provides scalable solutions to otherwise lackluster cold call training. Sales leaders can track the progress and assess when the reps are ready to face real life prospects. This will give the salesforce the confidence and ability to provide the organization with the best first impression when speaking to future clients.

The implementation and use of rhetora, could increase the rate of successful cold calls by 40 per cent [1] and will aid in minimizing the amount of time needed by management to train the team. The platform is currently in its development stages and the test results thus far in training sets have shown tremendous improvements [2] made. Rhetora is seeking investment and fundraising within the UAE and globally. [3] 

Not sure if you have any of these stats yet – if not use projected stats cause otherwise there aren’t any quantified reasons for using rhetora, like people will want to know that the platform is going to work.

Again, not sure if you have this data but I think it’ll make for a far more credible article if you do.

Not sure if you want to include this explicitly or if you want to include figures for any investments already made.