Experience the Beauty of Nepal through Trekking

We have heard about her, seen her, witnessed her, felt her presence, in books, poems, stories, sonnets, scriptures, holy books, paintings, music, films and in cinema. She has been the muse and the source of immense inspiration to many people, artists, common folk and humankind in general.

Whenever there were times in people’s lives when they had no were to look forward to for a source of inspiration, she was where they headed to. She reminded them by standing still for a million years on to her ground, reminding humankind of how wonderful our planet is and how blessed nature is. We talk about the mighty Himalayan mountain range, which is the largest mountain range in the entire world.

This magnificent beauty is hosted by the 3 neighboring countries, Nepal, India and Bhutan. 70% of the entire mountain range is hosted by the country of Nepal. 20% is hosted by India and the remaining 10% by Bhutan. The Himalayas have attracted many trekking enthusiasts to her many trails. Nepal trekking tours receives around 70000+ trekking enthusiasts each year. Trekking tours in India receives equally dense trekking enthusiasts who come from all parts of the wide world to lay their foot on the grounds of the pristine Himalayan terrain. One of the most famous trekking trails in Nepal is the Mustang trekking tours.

Nepal is a beautiful Himalayan country in the south-east Asia. About 700+ communal tribes and communities have lived in the country since many ages and this has contributed to the cultural flare that blankets Nepal in every little space of the country. There are major cities as well, but along with the urban spaces in these cities, there also exists in perfect harmony, the religious and the spiritual spaces.

Nepal is a great field for those people who are anthropological enthusiasts and risk takers and adventure sport enthusiasts or adventure seekers in general.

Almost everything about Nepal is pristine, from its air, to its cultures, to the tribes and the people, the livelihoods of the people of Nepal are nothing short of a small celebration of culture and pride.

Trekking in Nepal takes you through a majestic view of the world below you with each step that you take towards your summit. And this all-surrounding natural beauty is what attracts nature enthusiasts to come and treat their eyes, from all over. The breathtaking sunsets and sunrises and the daunting colors of the skies is worth the long treks that people take in Nepal. When you camp for the night, you find yourself surrounded by a blanket of a multi-million stars, which makes it super difficult to count them on such a night.

The Himalayas have bred the most wondrous and unique species of flora and fauna. Not only in the mountainous region of the Himalayas but even the Terai and the plains of Nepal are home to many species of wildlife and plants. When trekking in Nepal, you may come across snow leopards, hefty yaks, Himalayan pheasants, mice and many migratory birds that rest in the cool regions of the mountains here.

Most of the plants and trees of the Himalayas are used for many kinds of medicinal purposes. Many of the plants that grow here cannot be found in any other parts of the world and this makes the Himalayas even ore pristine. There is even more unique natural phenomenon’s happening in the Himalayas only. For example there is a certain species of living being which is a hybrid between a plant and an insect and occurs in the Himalayas every 5 years, this species is called the YASERGUMBA. This species is a medicinal solution to many kinds of untreatable illnesses if used according to the allotted dosage. Many more of these kinds of unique natural phenomenon’s can be found in the country of Nepal. If you are lucky enough, you may be able to witness these occurrences while trekking in Nepal.

The beauty of Nepal is incomparable to any other place in the world. This is the country that produces psychedelic honey. The honey is extracted from the hives of these really special bees that make their hives at a whooping height of 40 feet and hanging from a cliff. It takes special skills to extract this honey that ahs psychedelic affects o the brain and is heavily medicated.

Trekking in Nepal is a wonderful experience that comes to only those who seek the un-taken roads. If you are one of those people who live for these unique moments in life, come and experience Nepal and its beauty on a trekking trip here.