Experience Full Day Sails At Jester Sailing Adventures

Jester Sailing Adventures offers an exciting way for visitors to learn about the islands in the Caribbean. The adventures that are offered are designed to last a few hours, but offer a unique perspective that few other companies have. The boats are outfitted with everything a person could ask for in a sailing experience. There are several different types of adventures that can be had during Jester Sailing Adventures trips, which include catamarans, boats, sloop-boats, catamarans/sit-n-stand pinnacles, trimarans, powerboats, windsurfing, kayaking, snorkeling, and many more!
The Caribbean offers one of the best destinations for a fun and relaxing trip. Water Bay, located on St. John, is home to Jester Sailing Adventures, which is a full day sailboat service that seeks to excite guests with an adventure-filled trip around the island of St. John. The nearby national park on St. John’s Island and the various bays, coves and reefs made of the Caribbean make this section of the Caribbean a pleasure to explore. One of the most thrilling adventures offered by Jester Sailing Adventures is their “salvage” of a dilapidated paddle steamer that is now used as a luxury floating casino.
When visiting the Caribbean, there are a variety of things to do to experience its beauty and exoticism. However, the primary thing that comes to everyone’s minds is that they want to experience sailing adventures. This is where Jester Sailing Adventures can come in handy, as they offer full sail sailing experiences from the Caribbean to areas of the South Pacific. There are also trips that are made exclusively for children.
When one thinks of full day sails, Caribbean cruise vacations must come to mind. While there are many activities and entertainment venues along the way, there are also the islands to explore. St. John is definitely a destination worth seeing. It has a variety of scenery, including volcanoes, sand dunes and caves. In addition, it is a popular location for surfing, windsurfing and waterskiing.
For those interested in more than just sailing, then there is plenty to do at St. John Island. There are beaches, reefs and parks. There is so much to see and do that one may never run out of options. This is especially true when considering that it is a Virgin Islands island. Other activities include snorkeling and kayaking, which are definitely a different experience from cruising, but is still a lot of fun to do.
Caribbean islands are known for their tropical breezes, so it only makes sense to head out on a full day sail to see some of this amazing territory. Jester Sailing Adventures specializes in taking visitors on luxurious romantic cruises. They offer visitors the opportunity to see and experience the Caribbean in a completely unique and captivating way. This destination is sure to make it a memorable trip for anyone who visits.
With all of these destinations to see and do, it is hard to consider this type of vacation the same. One can never get bored with the things to do in this beautiful location. It is a great way to relax and escape the everyday grind of life. However, it is not only about experiencing the serenity and beauty of this region. Jester Sailing Adventures takes the whole family along on a cruise that is sure to be a success. Whether it is a group trip or simply a one-night getaway, this adventure cruise will provide all of the relaxation your family needs.
There are two main areas of focus in this awesome destination. The first is the Florida Keys. Here one can visit Key West, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami, each with their own unique tropical breezes. The other is the Mexican Riviera. This area provides tourists with activities such as surfing, snorkeling, and more. This destination also offers travelers a chance to take part in a number of exciting water sports.