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Those interested in playing a dice game can do so on Hobigames with the inclusion of the Ludo Master Apk. The classic board game Ludo can be played solo or with human or AI opponents. The victory of the game is the first player to place all of his tokens in the home triangle. The game of Ludo can be simplified with the help of some helpful hints and pointers. In this piece, I’ll teach you the game of Ludo and give you tips on becoming a Ludo master.

The Game of Ludo Master Apk

Two to four players can compete in a game of Ludo at the same time. In this game, three players are optimal. Four tokens are given to each player. Tokens are distributed to each player in the game individually. However, if a player wins, all their tokens will be the same color and design.

If a player rolls a 6, play can begin. The player can use this to bring his first token inside the house. To win the second, third, and fourth tokens, the player must roll a six once more. There is a token limit of one per person for the one-six-game.

They will start mobbing it as soon as the token is brought inside. After getting a six, the player has a chance for a four. After introducing the token representing the 6, he rearranges four boxes on the board. Like before, the player’s tokens must be pushed until they fall into the center triangle. The winner is the first player to place their tokens in the game’s center.

Ludo’s Rules

Players have the option of using a block or capturing their foe. If you’re new to Ludo Master Game and want to learn the rules and strategies for winning, you first need to read up on capturing and blocking. The success of the game relies heavily on following these two rules. These two strategies generate exciting and thrilling play in the game.


When one player moves his token into an opponent’s box, this is known as “capturing.” To illustrate, assume that in our hypothetical scenario, Player 1 is in Box 20 and Player 2 is in Box 16. The second player now has their chance. A four showed up on the second player’s dice. Taking four steps forward, he reaches box 20 and claims Player 1’s token. At this point, the captured token (also known as Player 1’s token) will start its new trip. Any roll of six on this dice will allow Player 1 to enter the building with this token.


Any time you bring two of your tokens together in the exact location, you produce a pair. If a pair of players stays still, the other players can’t advance. This prevents other couples from interacting with you while you’re in the game. Let’s have a look at a sample so you can grasp it. The pair we’ve established at box 20 is taken as read.

Box 16 is where you’ll find your opponent right now. A six rolled on the dice he was using. The token in slot 16 cannot be moved to slot 22. He can take the token to box 19, but no further. He should have rolled a three on the dice in light of that. Despite this, he only possesses 6, making it impossible for him to move the token from box 16 to any other location.

A blocking approach is a valuable option when your opponent has completed the journey of three tokens. Right now, he’s short precisely one token. On the other hand, you hold all four tokens in your possession. To counter your opponent’s one token, this must happen. While he’s stuck doing nothing, you can make progress on the game.

Learn Ludo’s Rules Here!

Learn the rules of Ludo Master Apk Download before trying to become a Ludo Grandmaster. The important thing you need to do to begin is roll a six on your dice. Each token must be placed in the game’s center before play can continue. When one player reaches this point, the game is done.

Instructions on How to Play Ludo Like a Pro

Get your money and tokens inside.

Whenever you roll a six, you must bring the tokens inside. Every time, this occurs. Using the sixes to advance your tokens around the board is only allowed once all tokens have been introduced to the game. The “opening of tokens” is the common term for this procedure among the Ludo Master Old Version community.

Value All Tokens Similarly

A single token should only be moved on a few times. Assign an equal value to each token. You should simultaneously send them both. Some players prefer to play by focusing on one token at a time and attempting to move it to the game board’s center.

The removal of the second token follows this. After the second token is placed in the middle of the board, they take the third token. You must try to win by using this strategy to succeed. Put both tokens in your possession at once.

Act Now to Prevent

First, you must grasp the fundamentals of catching and blocking to become a Ludo master. You must catch and halt their tokens to slow down your opponent’s game and make it harder for them to win. As a result of this move, your chances of success have increased.

Always keep your tokens safe.

The “star box” is integral to the Ludo board with multiple functions. The other players won’t be able to steal your tokens if you keep them in star boxes. Therefore, keeping your tokens in star boxes at all times is the most incredible way to protect them from being stolen.


To become a Ludo Master Download, you must start with a well-thought-out plan. Example: You should only move the second token once you’ve moved the first token ten spaces.

You may start moving the third token once you have moved the first two, a total of 60 squares.

Make Sure You Don’t Lag Behind

If you lose interest in the middle of the game, you may not be able to finish strong and win. Occasionally the dice may give you the exact number you’ve been hoping for. However, there will be times when your enemies begin picking you out one by one. When anything like this happens, you have a decreased chance of winning and, thus, a higher chance of losing interest.

Unfortunately, in the game of Ludo, this is different. It’s still possible for anything to happen, even at this late hour. Because of this, you should take your time with the game. Keep going till the very end, and play your heart out.

Generally speaking, Seven Is The Norm.

The rule of seven might be a helpful tactic for new players of Ludo Master who are just learning the game. This rule stipulates that you must always keep a seven-place lead over your competitor. The odds of your enemy successfully capturing you are low because of this. Since a player’s dice can only add up to a maximum of six points at any given moment, it’s best to keep a seven-point advantage over your opponent at all times.

Token Roles

Tokens should always be kept in mind. When playing Ludo, this tactic will let you capture your opponents more quickly and, eventually, lead you to victory. The only tips to win is to stay alert and involved the whole time.

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