Experience choosing to buy a cigar accessory cabinet

Among the cigar accessories that you should have, the storage cabinet is an indispensable item. Without them, the cigar will not taste as good as it used to. They may even be damaged and unusable. Before buying a storage cabinet, please refer to the experiences that we share below about choosing a cigar accessory cabinet.

1. Should you buy a cigar accessory cabinet or not?

We know that Cuban cigars after production must be carefully preserved so that they are always delicious before reaching the consumer. So why, when cigar smokers buy them back, do not continue to preserve them?

In fact, if you only buy about 3 cigarettes, 5 cigarettes come back to smoke, and then buy again, maybe the storage cabinet is not for anything. But few Cuban cigar enthusiasts accept to buy like that. Cigar connoisseurs sometimes have to store hundreds of cigars in the house. If they did not buy a storage cabinet, they would not be able to preserve such a large number of cigars.

In short, buying a cigar accessory cabinet is reasonable and necessary. You should also buy a slightly more expensive cabinet because that way they can preserve your cigars well. Waste is not buying expensive storage cabinets, but letting the cigars spoil.

2. Experience in choosing to buy a cigar storage cabinet

Buying a storage cabinet is not difficult, but it is not easy either. You have to know how to choose carefully to buy the right quality.

– Buy cabinets made of wood

The wood material is always the number 1 choice if you want to buy a cigar storage cabinet. They are absorbed 60-70% along with cigars, so they are better able to preserve cigars than cabinets made of other materials.

Besides, wood also has the advantage of preventing the attack of pests and insects. You know, insects like beetles love to infiltrate Cuban cigars so a wooden cabinet will be a barrier for them. If you choose cedar, it’s even better because insects are afraid of the bitter taste of this wood.

That is also the reason why manufacturers often put cigars in cedar wooden boxes. For cigar smokers, also have additional use of giving a slightly spicy flavor to the cigarette. However, not everyone likes this spicy scent, so besides wood, you can choose cabinets made from other materials.

Whatever material you choose, you should avoid aromatic cedar, red cedar, western cedar, etc. The reason is that they will ruin the flavor of the cigar.

– Buy a cigar accessory cabinet at a reputable address

The best place to buy cigars is to buy a storage cabinet there. If you are a longtime cigar lover, you must have a familiar shopping address for yourself. However, not every place that sells cigars also sells accessories. You should learn a few addresses, then compare them to make it easier to choose.

A quality storage cabinet will be a cabinet with strong joints between corners, guaranteed glue quality, and made by skilled workers. The seller of accessories should be someone with certain knowledge to be able to advise you.

Right now if you are in need of a cigar accessory cabinet, please visit the website Your Elegant Bar to order, and don’t forget to read Your Elegant bar review before. In addition to accessories, there are also many types of cigars for you to choose from.

3.Instructions on how to arrange cigars in the cabinet

To keep the cigars in the best cabinet, the way you arrange the cigars in the cabinet also plays an important role. Cigar cabinets are often designed with wooden trays with different horizontal and vertical spokes to create ventilation for the cigars. The correct way to arrange cigars in the cabinet would be:

You place the cigar perpendicular to the vents so that the cigar gets the most air. Avoid stacking cigars on top of each other. If stacking, do not stack more than 3 layers and place thin wooden leaves between the layers of the cigar (these leaves are usually available inside the cigar box).

Arrange the whole boxes in the lower compartment, the odd ones in the upper trays. Prioritize the ones you smoke frequently in the top tray.

To be able to preserve the most delicious cigars, please cherish them in the right cigar cabinet.

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