Exness Broker – Different account types they offer

The forex platform is a worldwide network for finance and commerce. Through the platform, many brokers operate with foreign exchange traders. This platform allows traders to trade foreign currency and profit on market fluctuations. One of these brokers is exness which is one of the biggest entities on forex.

The broker is well known for its transparency, security, and client assistance. Exness believes in complete trust between the trader and the broker. That is why exness provides complete information and transactions on its websites. Not only that, but it is also known to be more profitable for traders.

As an exness broker gives more to the trader than it takes, this allows traders to profit more from trading. In addition, through these constant efforts and measures, exness gives the opportunity to traders to grow and develop within the field.

Exness has also worked towards building a safe community for all its traders. It has certification from CySEC and FCA, which provide exness and its traders with the best security measures in the world. This assures clients and traders that their revenue and assets are in good hands.

Exness has worked towards the improvement of its user experience. That is why exness has constructed multiple types of accounts to accommodate its user base. Right now, exness offers four different types of accounts. These accounts are categorized according to the trader’s level.

Different accounts

Exness has the Cent account for its beginner user base, where it provides beginners special benefits and environment. The exness Standard account is for beginners and intermediate traders, which allows them to trade at higher risks.

It offers a Pro account for its professional users who are regular traders. And the Expert account allows is for high-level traders with added benefits and privileges.

Exness Cent account

The beginner user base in trading cannot simply start trading with high-risk markets and trends. Many brokers give beginners demo accounts to polish their skills and practice before jumping into the market. Exness does not give its users a demo account as it believes that they will learn better when risks are involved.

However, it allows Cent account users to deposit a maximum of $2000 dollars so that they do not encounter high losses. As many traders who begin trading tend to incur losses at the start. This method allows beginners to trade in real life while also being before protective lines.

Exness Standard account

Irregular traders are provided with Exness Standard accounts through which they can trade. They can deposit more capital, while the account provides them with better facilities. In addition, they can open an account without any minimum deposit.

Exness Pro account

This account is limited to professional brokers only. It allows them to trade with higher-risk commodities and earn higher profits. To open this account, you will need to deposit a minimum of $2000 dollars.

The advantage of this account is that you can make higher profits while trading with higher-risk currencies. The account gives you lower spreads. The spreads are the difference of values between two fluctuations.

Exness also charges zero commission from its traders while providing lower spreads. Exness charges them for every trade that is executed. Not only this, but exness also allows them to withdraw and deposit instantly for their local banks.

Exness also provides users with 24/7 customer support services with staff that are multilingual. So it does not matter where you are, the staff can provide you with all the help you need.

Exness Zero accounts

The expert Zero account is for experts who trade rigorously through the week. They trade in multiple currencies and place higher bets, making higher profits. The Zero account allows them to earn more profit from their trades.

As the name suggests, the traders encounter almost zero charges and fees from exness. They also get zero spreads from each trade. Thus, Exness gives them ample opportunity and helps you conquer the forex market.

The Zero account also allows experts to trade with ECN, which is much more volatile and riskier. ECN is not something that anyone can trade as it requires them to have higher knowledge of the market.

Both professionals and experts can use the Zero account to utilize the benefits and facilities it providing in the forex market.


To fully understand why there are different accounts for different traders, you will need to understand strategies. For example, forex traders devise strategies and methods to effectively trade and generate a profit.

Each account is used for different types of strategies. For example, if you are going for a long or short position, you will need a specific account to execute it.


These are all the accounts that exness provides for its traders. Each account is for a different type of trader. Supporting different types of strategies.