Exhibitors Featured Promotion: Get your partners’ brands promoted with Eventtitans!

Why is Eventtitans a perfect platform for your exhibitors’ brand promotion?

When Eventtitans has a number of features in its platform to ease the event planning tasks of event organizers, a few indispensable exhibition features make the brand stand out among many of its competitors. No doubt, the current demands of hybrid and virtual events amid the pandemic, are being satisfied with the end-to-end features of Eventtitans starting from ticketing and registration of attendees to thorough event engagement.

Now, when it comes to exhibitors’ featured promotion, Eventtitans is offering more than 10 ways of customizable engagement features before, during, and after the event which is solely dedicated to your sponsor’s brand awareness and promotion program.

How do featured promotions benefit an exhibitor?

Dealing with various sponsors to put up an event could be a tedious task and sometimes you might not get all the information you need, to onboard a sponsor. Whereas, Eventtitans offers an absolute auto onboarding platform with jaw-dropping elements which helps sponsors to select a booth or a package and feature or promote their brands on their own, connecting smoothly with the event organizers in a jiffy.

Let’s dive into the platform and explore every element:

A detailed elaboration of the platform would help you understand the process better:

Showcasing Major Sponsors: We all want the major sponsors to be showcased standing out when compared to other exhibitors and partners. So, Eventtitans can help you to showcase these major sponsors in multiple ways during the ticket sales process, while a user is checking in virtually, once they are in the virtual lobby. How about getting them a few more impressions during a session or helping them with a dedicated group discussion table? 

Well, this is how we create a bond of impression and engagement between the attendees and the exhibitors, which makes the attendees explore furthermore about the featured brand.

Virtual Booth Activities: Our research says that attendees love to visit booths that excite them with surprising rewards or raffles or certain games. And, that’s what we added in our virtual booth features. Isn’t it exciting?

Each booth is sophisticatedly decorated with more than 10 elements to engage attendees visiting there. A few are like;

1.  Sponsors can add informative demos and live videos about their brand,

2.  Attendees can click for a quick demonstration of the exhibitor’s product through instant chat or video call with the sponsors.

3.  Sponsors can run gamification like trivia to keep users entertained and engaged in their booths, selling merchandise, announcing exciting offers, selecting a random winner through raffles are some other exciting ways to grab the attention of booth visitors.

4.  The exciting part for the exhibitors is; the sponsor can get instant detailed data of activities happening in their booth like who stepped in, downloaded the files or watched a video or played a game e.t.c. This history of activities will help sponsors to track potential users with whom they can interact further about their product.

Easy filtration: For a focused lead generation filtration feature works wonders! It becomes confusing for attendees as there could be a number of exhibitors branding their products. Adding filter options related to sponsorship packages, booth categories, industry or interested tags helps attendees to explore specific brands of their interests.

Digital business cards and more: This is the most interesting part where during the live events, we can scan the attendee QR Code to generate new leads. Similarly, users visiting a booth can drop their business cards virtually for which they get some redeemable points or schedule an appointment, claim the special offers exclusively available for event attendees or even sell the exhibitor merchandise during the event.

Gamification: This is one of the most creative among a lot of features the platform is offering in Eventtitans. Gamification is all about how you keep an attendee dwell in your booth for a longer time and make them explore your product by clicking on every detail you have given in your booth. It could be a word puzzle, number game, quick quiz contest, image shuffle, etc. which keeps the booth active and fun-filled.

Nevertheless, the possibilities to engage your attendees and increase the ROI of your sponsors are endless. Driving new sponsorships and retaining the existing ones could be a tricky task if you lack the above-mentioned benefitting features in a platform. 

But here Eventtitans has got you covered, so wish you a happy sponsor drive from Eventtitans!