Exercise to Improve Your Mental Health

Lately, mental health has been the topic of talks around the corner. People have come up with different strategies to cope up with deteriorating mental health. Reassurance is one thing but developing proper strategies can be beneficial in the long run. 


Studies have proved that exercise improves the mental health of an individual. We endorse the same philosophy that the daily drill can have a substantial effect on a person dealing with mental health issues. 


If your physical health is good, then your metal health can quickly follow. Sound like new age nonsense? Give it a try.

The How

With 2021 kicking in, we thought of putting out a list of very simple actions that can prove beneficial to the physical as well as mental well-being of a person. These are very simple exercises that can be followed by any newbie or experienced person alike.


We insist our readers adapt to these 6 habits for a week daily and feel the difference themselves!


  1. Set your Goals and Reflect


 Set goals and reflect at the end of the day. A five-minute reflection before bed or one during the morning coffee could give a lot of direction to a person.


It’s simple! Each day decide few goals for yourself. Goals can be short-term or long-term. It’s up to you, how to prioritize. The goal can be as simple as ‘doing the laundry’ or a complex one like, ‘applying for a Major in college’.


It could also be a reflection on breaking old habits or doing something you wanted to do in the past.


  1. Take a walk outside!


Breathe in the fresh air. Just as one likes to stay indoors, they should also develop a habit of spending some time outdoors. This is a very healthy activity and one that is often overlooked. It is wonderfully simple and best of all … free.


Indoor activities promote a stagnant lifestyle which can lead to health hazards in the long run. To stay active, one must take some time out of their routine and go for a walk. 


Take just 15 minutes out for outdoor activity. Walking is a bit of a surprise. Once you do it you think “why do I not do this every day?”. Indeed, but we all get caught up in messages and work and homelife and sitting in front of a screen seems like the only solution to a tired mind.


Apart from walking, you can ride a bike or do gardening. Riding a bicycle is another one of those that inspires “why don’t I …?” moments. It is very simple and again (once you have your bike) free to do.


Take in as much sun, as you can! 


  1. Call a Friend


Think of an old friend or a ‘long lost friend’. Asking a friend about their well-being and general life events brings a delightful experience for both parties. It shows both cares for each other.


It reminds us of a song by Stevie Wonder, ‘I just called to say I love you.’ It brings joy to say a few words of kindness and love to your family, or friends for whom you truly care. 


With the ongoing stressful crisis and skepticism, small messages or calls of reassurance are very strengthening. Phones and texts compensate for the connections we can’t have with our people physically.


  1. Stretch!


5 minutes of daily stretching or a good yoga routine promotes an active lifestyle, mindfulness, influx of positive thoughts. It has great physical attributes; it improves flexibility, coordination, and resilience.


  1. Offer Acts of Goodness

These testing times have led everyone into a state of depression and worry. In these circumstances, a random act of kindness can be impactful and cheer that person up. 


Make a small donation, hold a door for someone, pass a smile, and give a compliment to make someone’s day. Be mindful not to show it off, just it to yourself. Selflessness is a virtue and doing something for another person can be so satisfying to the soul.

  • Staring Out The Window

Sound crazy? Just do it now. Taking your eyes away from the screen and looking to the distance (no matter how short your view) is wonderfully relaxing for your eyes and kind. You start to notice people and cats, dogs … who knows what else.


We hope you find these tips beneficial and it improves your physical as well mental health.