Exclusive T-Shirt printing tips to achieve great Results

Millennials love printed t-shirts with innovative designs and taglines and other stuff that make them look cool and classy. Also, you can have your dressing style that defines your personality and attitude. If you search on any online marketplace, you will find hundreds of t-shirts with cool, trendy and funny designs with state-of-the-art printing quality and colors. Either you can buy your t-shirts from those marketplaces or you can make your own style by printing your t-shirts by yourself. There are many companies offer high-quality yet cheap printing services in Singapore that you can hire if you want to outsource the printing requirements. 


Why should one design their own t-shirts, for a change? Well, there are many benefits. First of all, it offers the freedom to you to design whatever you want to design for yourself. You can customize almost anything from a quote to design to images to anything. You will decide the thickness of the garment, the labels, colors and everything. If you are printing your t-shirt for your business or campaigns, you can have the liberty to do as you want with those personalized t-shirts. 


If you are new to the t-shirt printing process, you might find this a bit overwhelming and new. However, you can have many options to choose from to make the best use of your personalized t-shirts. However, you need to find a Singapore shirt printing company that offers high-quality and reliable printing services to clients. 


If you have unique ideas for t-shirt printing but don’t know how to bring them into life, there are some tips we have shared in this post. This post will explain how you can get the best from your custom t-shirts and how to do it differently. 


Use screen printing with a half tone print for detailed designs 


When you have a simple and clear design for your t-shirt, you don’t need to worry as the typical screen print job would accomplish the goal of t-shirt printing. It involves simple Spout Color designs where screens have different sizes of holes in which ink would pass through onto the garment. However, the pattern must be consistent here. 


However, unfortunately, for detailed designs or designs with certain types of depths, this typical screen printing won’t work. Here, half-tone printing would work brilliantly. It involves the same pattern as we have seen in the typical screen print job with a little difference. Here, the holes are consistently sized, but varying their placement. 


To explain in a laymen’s words, in darker sections, the dots are clustered together and in the lighter sections, dots are more dispersed. So, if your design has tonal variations, half-tone printing might be your answer.


Simplify photos for screen printing 


Rather than reproducing an image on your t-shirt, you can try something different this time by adding a simplified, artworked version of an image to screenprint on your t-shirt. It will look classy and elegant and it will also give a new definition to your personality. You can have your stamp on it if a photo is a cult or popular one. It adds a pinch of originality too. 


However, if you want to just reproduce the original photo on your t-shirt, it can be done too with h the direct-to-garment printing. You can hire cheap printing services in Singapore and ask them to do it for you. 


Make a statement with 3D Puff 


All you attention seekers who want to be the center of the attraction everywhere you go, this tip is especially for you. You will surely love this personal statement of your style here. 3D Puff, as the name suggests, is a chunky 3D material that is used to design a logo or image on your website t-shirt. If you have a playful brand which allows you to experiment a bit, you can surely try 3D puff to make your own statement in a loud and clear way. Make your styled brand merchandise to make a clear difference. 


Screenprint on inside neck 


The world appreciates personalization in everything you do, including marketing and promotional activities for your brand. How about adding your personal labels to your t-shirts to make a personalized appeal? Yes, it is a good idea, but you cannot just make it for smaller numbers as most of the printing companies would ask for at least 500 unit orders. 


There is a solution to this. You can do screen printing on the inside neck of the brand t-shirts to make a statement. You can even order for smaller units such as 20 to 30 t-shirts and you can still make your personalized statement in it. Isn’t it a fantastic thing? 


Use embroidery to make something classy 


Gone are the days when embroidered shirts and t-shirts were inseparable parts of the garment shops and people loved to wear them to define their style statements. However, you can use embroidery to add a pinch of class to your t-shirts as it will add distinctiveness and will stand out from others. If you are all for custom t-shirts and all you want to add is a logo of your brand or a neat little design, using embroidery would be a great thing. It will look classy and it will also not cost much. 


Wrapping up 


There are many Singapore shirt printing companies to choose from. You can choose one that fits in your budget and preferences.