EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Justin Orr, Founder of Iron Orr Fitness – Personal Trainer San Diego

Tell us about yourself and Iron Orr Fitness in a few words. 

Iron Orr Fitness was started in 2004. We are the #1 personal training business in San Diego. We are the San Diego Seals Strength Coach. 

What inspired you to pursue a career as a personal trainer?

I loved training in college. This led to my career on the US Bobsled Team. However, helping others achieve their Health & Fitness goals was what drove me to pursue a career as a personal trainer. 

What inspired you to create Iron Orr Fitness? 

The gyms I worked at were not organized, did not pay their trainers a competitive wage, and were not on the cutting edge. I wanted to do all of that and more, so the impetus was there; I just needed to execute on my vision. I was fortunate that I had the resourcefulness and perseverance to make it happen. 

How would you set up an exercise routine for a new client? 

At Iron Orr, we do a consultation and ask questions. We listen to our clients needs and goals. From there, a floor assessment, body composition test, and the IOF Assessment is key to creating the correct exercise plan for our new client. The IOF process ensures a successful foundation, and from there the client will ultimately reach their target goal.

How do you keep your customers interested and motivated?

 We change up our workouts each time they’re in the gym, prep off-day workouts, go over their nutrition on a consistent basis, and take measurements and tests every two weeks to make sure we are tracking towards their goals. 

Tell us about your approach to training. 

We individualize our training to our clients goals, their previous or current injuries, and amount of time they can commit to training each week. This process in turn leads to the development of their periodized program; which influences the types of exercises, sets, reps, weight, tempo and rest time our clients need to achieve their goal. 

What makes you a good fitness trainer? 

A good trainer is someone that wants to help others and is willing to “get into the weeds” and help their clients overcome challenges with eating, training, and accountability. A good trainer stays on top of the science in the industry and is always pursuing their next certification, workshop, or online course. I follow these rules. 

What are your career ambitions over the next 5 years? 

We will grow to our second location, and scale our online training. 

What advice do you wish someone had given you when you first started your career?

Fortunately, I have two amazing parents that taught me from an early age to relentlessly attack my goals, outwork anyone and everyone, persevere, and overcome any and all adversity till I win…and then continue to win. I applied this advice to my career at Notre Dame, my time on the US Bobsled Team, and founding Iron Orr Fitness, so I never wished for alternative advice; I felt I already had been given the ultimate advice.

What do you consider to be your best professional achievement?

Creating a business that has lasted 17 years and has helped 1000’s of clients and 100’s of trainers.