Examples of Design Technology Blog is Very Good

Talking about good blogs, especially technology blogs, of course, the criteria for a good blog are those that have useful content for readers and are always updated or updated. Besides that, the criteria for other good technology blogs are those that have good designs. A good design will make visitors happy to be there because the access is fast and the navigation system is clear. Good blog design can also lead to trust in the website. The following is an Examples of Design Technology Blog is Very Good as a reference.


AndroidTechnews is a blog owned by Andi Leangle, who knows the world of blogs, famous as a new blog and has not been successful in cyberspace, although fewer visitors per day start to increase, you could even say this is a blog with stable visitors at this time. This blog design is made with 2 columns and looks very modern, good choice of colors, fonts and color compositions. This blog discusses technology, gadget world, mobile phone, gaming and windows.

Web Designer Depot

Web designer Depot is no doubt, this website has a lot of visitors, the design is also very good, each post is made in one line, but each line is divided into two equal parts. Besides the animation that is on the website when we hover also makes this one blog design look very modern.

Help Scout

Good web design doesn’t have to be always good, sometimes simple web design can be good web design. We love this Help Scout web design because of its simplicity. This design when viewed includes the type of flat design. But the use of whitespace is very good to make our eyes comfortable on this website. In addition, the menu system in the form of a tab makes the access feel fast because it doesn’t need to load to open the menu.

Microsoft Stories

First, there are Microsoft Stories, the appearance of this blog made by Microsoft is also very good, this blog design is simple, but the composition looks very good, with the size of the image that is not too large and uses very good whitespace. Besides that the detail page of the article is also very convenient for readers, the metro style of Microsoft style is quite felt here. This is the best Examples of Design Technology Blog is Very Good.


Mashable is a blog owned by Pete Cashmore, famous as a blog that is very successful in cyberspace, visitors per day are also very much, even arguably this is a blog with the most visitors today. This blog design is made with 3 columns and looks very modern, both the choice of colors, fonts and color composition.


This 500px blog is one of the most popular photography blogs today, so don’t be surprised when you visit will be treated to quality photos, while visiting this blog, the first impression that appears is luxurious and modern.

Innocent Drinks

The Innocent Drinks has content that is quite unique and attracts a lot of readers’ interest, but in terms of design, this blog is also quite unique, they use themes such as children for their design, lots of colors and lines like those made with crayons on the blog. You can see Examples of Design Technology Blog now.

Smashing magazine

Talking about cool blog design, of course, you can’t miss the Smashing Magazine blog, this blog is a blog for designers, and of course, it is designed very well. The use of simple color compositions and very beautiful fonts that make anyone who visits will be at home here, besides this blog is also one that applies the responsive web very well.

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