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Last week, I took the Amazon Solution Architect/Associate level certification exam and successfully passed it, which was a test of my familiarity with AWS services. In the process of preparing for the exam, I sorted out all the AWS knowledge I had learned, which was also quite fruitful. This time I want to share the certification test experience. <a href=”https://cciedump.spoto.net/aws-certification.php”>AWS certification</a> is recognition of the skills and technical knowledge required to design, deploy, and manage applications on the AWS platform. Obtaining a certificate will help to demonstrate your extensive experience and credibility with AWS, while also increase your organization’s overall level of proficiency with AWS based cloud service applications.

Currently, Amazon has launched certification in three directions: Solutions Architect, Developer,  and Sysops Administrator. Each direction is divided into Associate Level, Professional Level and Master Level. Of course, only Solutions Architect has opened Professional Level at present, and other levels will be opened gradually.

I registered my AWS account in 2013. At the beginning, I just did some experiments to play. Later, I migrated my entire blog to AWS and used Route53,S3,CloudFront and other services. I have done sessions such as Chef, Cloudformation, and AWS cloud service Overview in the office.

In 2014, I participated in the Awsome Day held by Amazon in Chengdu, which can be regarded as a systematic understanding of AWS cloud services. I’ve done all the free experiments in Qwiklabs, and I’ve also done some other experiments with the resources there. Taking an online class on Amazon that was called Auto Scaling, I carefully studied the AWS Assistant Architect exam syllabus and identified the gap between myself and the syllabus requirements, carefully read the sample questions, understand the exam body and way, and wrote an article to analyze the sample questions. Two practice exams were given at $20 each and each test had 20 questions. The first time, a week before the exam, I only got 9 questions right and failed miserably, the second time, 14 questions right. I passed it. According to the weak links of the mock exam,I made some improvements, and had an in-depth understanding of VPN, IAM, Data Security and other knowledge, and consulted a lot of AWS documents.

The test site is still relatively high, in the Chunxi Road near an office building. The test center is actually very small, just a front desk and an office. After receiving me, the receptionist hooked up the exam system to the computer in the conference room, and then she went out. That is to say, there is basically no invigilator. The formal exam will include 55 questions and it will last 80 minutes. The questions, all in English, are multiple choice, with either single or multiple choice, and they will tell you exactly how many correct choices you will have (or only one if they don’t).

It can be said that these tests are very comprehensive, some are very hands-on experience, and some will examine the application of specific service scenarios. If you only have a superficial understanding of AWS cloud services, you will not be able to pass. It took me more than 50 minutes to complete all 55 questions, of which 25 were uncertain. That leaves me a little more than 20 minutes to think about the 20 or so questions. That’s plenty of time. Some problems that you don’t know is unable to be solved , unless you refer to the relevant documentation or do a hands-on experiment to see. It’s better for you to think about it is impossible to figure out.

After 80 minutes, the paper was handed in automatically, and the correct rate was 65% this time. (According to others, the lowest correct rate for obtaining the certificate is 65%.) I thought that the correct rate must be higher than 65%. but actually it was lower, maybe that’s because I was not familiar with AWS. The result will be known immediately after you hand in the paper, and you will also receive the certificate and the usable certification logo in your email.


Here are some Tips for people who want to take the card:

  1. Understanding AWS Certification
  2. Learning the syllabus for the Assistant Architect exam
  3. Learning about frequently asked questions in reading tests
  4. Reading the AWS white paper
  5. Being familiar with sample test questions
  6. Doing experiments by using your own LABS, free resources
  7. Reviewing major services in AWS documentation, such as EC2,S3,VPC,EBS, etc
  8. Reading FAQs for various cloud services
  9. It is best to do a mock exam, familiar with the way of the exam, the type of questions,    remember the unfamiliar knowledge points, and then targeted to strengthen it.

In general, the AWS Assistant Level Architects exam is not too difficult, but only if you have a solid foundation of preparation. Although it is possible to use AWS for a long time, there is no guarantee that you will pass the test naked. Because it’s a certified architect. Some of the problems and scenarios you may not have experienced and some of the services you may not have used, these shortcomings will be magnified in the exam.

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