Everything You Wanted to Know about Art Appraisal Services

Even though we are living in the age of innovative technologies, which sometimes seem to displace art from the life of the common people, the role and value of art remain the same for connoisseurs and collectors of the beauty. Striving to surround yourself with attractive and interesting objects, be them paintings, icons, sculptures, fine furniture, or other pieces of art and antiques, you, as a true connoisseur, are looking for an opportunity to establish the authenticity of the item and find out its value.


In such a case, you should be a hundred percent informed about professional art appraisal services. Do you want to know how art appraisal works? Or what type of art appraisal is the right for you? Below you will find the answers to all your questions.


What is an art appraisal?

An art appraisal includes a descriptive process with a detailed outline of the factual elements of the work being appraised, which is followed by an opinion on the monetary value of the art piece. This specific activity requires in-depth knowledge of the history of fine arts and trends in the global market. The purpose of appraisal of a certain work of art, such as a painting or sculpture, involves a combination of objective information and subjective opinion. Yes, an art appraisal is indeed very subjective, but the purpose of it is not to simply determine whether you like or dislike the piece but rather why you like or dislike it.


What are the types of art appraisal?

Depending on the purpose of an appraisal, you may choose various types of art appraisal services. The most popular one is an appraisal for insurance value. For example, if your painting is damaged or destroyed in an accident, you will probably wonder how much it will cost to replace it with another comparable work. In general, this type of appraisal is valuable for those who want to keep their artworks and investments safe.


Another popular type of appraisal services is the appraisal for resale value. This assessment enables the wholesale value of the artwork to be determined. In fact, this is what you would expect to sell the artwork for. However, keep in mind that it does not guarantee that the work will be sold for the same amount within a given period or that it will be sold at all.


There are two more basic approaches to expert art appraisal: art consultation and art advisory. These two are great helpers in learning what kind of artworks you have, their value and relevance in the current market. The appraisers will discuss the results of the examination with you verbally or provide you with a written detailed report.


Why do you need art appraisal services?

Whether you are a collector of antique Russian icons or works by contemporary artists, you need to know the value of the pieces for resale, insurance, or donation purposes. A professional art appraiser can help you evaluate your personal property so you can make reasonable financial decisions.


Art appraisal services represent an integral part of fine art investments. Many well-off individuals purchase paintings and other art pieces with the purpose to receive a profit in the future. Such customers usually require not only an assessment of a certain item but also analytical studies on the feasibility of acquiring valuable fine art.


Are you still confused?

Practice is the best solution to all problems. Do not hesitate to contact professionals who know exactly how to assess your artwork. If you want to be aware of the value of your belongings and possible ways to replenish your budget, then we highly recommend that you try art appraisal services.