Everything you want to know about B.Tech in civil engineering

A B.Tech in civil engineering course is highly valued course in the country and all across the world. Civil engineering carves the shape of the country. From sprawling roads, buildings and bridges to gigantic dams, tunnels etc, it the civil engineering which plays that key role towards developing a nation into what it is.Civil engineering has played an extremely crucial role in building the society which we see today and will always be the key society we shall see in the coming years. 


“B.Tech In Civil Engineer: A Concrete Base of nation builds the concrete foundation of tomorrow”


A civil engineering is a 4 year duration course. It comprises of eight semesters. Students are taught common (common to all branches) subjects in the first year and after that specialization choices are opened towards the same. It includes various subjects such as CAD, Geology, Structure of material, Structural analysis, strength of a material, building plan, drawing, sustainable designs aligning ing with latest technologies.


A B.tech in civil engineering is a dynamic course because along with imparting a theoretical knowledge to the students, it is intensively based on practical application which includes internships, experimentation, site work, industrial visits etc.


M.Tech: Strengthen Your Technical studies with masters


Post B.tech, many students feel like researching, polishing their technical skill, doing an in depth study of a technical subject. In this case, M.tech is the solution. It shares a holistic curriculum towards developing a room for students to do an in depth study. It produces research scholars of tomorrow. This post grad course fosters students to deepen their study towards a subject. It opens room for so many opportunities. Students choose to work in corporates, teaching online and offline in prestigious colleges, do research work, produce various research papers etc.


M.Tech Admission in Jaipur


The M.tech is a two year masters program which provides an extensive training in the technical education. Jaipur is one of those cities which provides endless opportunities to its students when it comes to pursuing an M.Tech. there are many prestigious universities in the city of Jaipur which provide a desired environment for the students to do their higher studies.


The admission procedure varies from college to college. There are many ways these colleges accept the admission such as, on the basis of GATE, DASA, etc. 


The top institutes provide a rigorous training in the chosen field. The college fee varies depending on the institute. In this mushrooming of colleges, it becomes imperative for you to land a good engineering college that delivers what it promises. There are so many colleges and universities that claim to be the best but it’s up to you how to define the parameters while short-listing the engineering colleges. 


So if you are aspiring civil engineer of tomorrow then these are the perfect places to kick start your M.Tech Career.

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