Everything You Should Know Before Playing Paintball 101

Whether you’re new to paintball or a seasoned professional, below is all the things you’ll need to know before jumping on the field and attacking your opponents. 

How do I play paintball?

At the arena you can pick which type of game you want to play, but a few basic rules will be enforced for all types of games. Most paintball games are played between teams with a specific time limit. Most games of paintball also involve one team trying to shoot as many players of the opposing team as possible. The idea is to work as part of a team, so teamwork is key. 

What should I wear?

Make sure what you choose to wear is something you don’t care too much about. Paint balling can result in some stains and marks. Most will opt for something pretty comfortable but offers some protection. Such as jeans and a jumper/hoodie. Whether you own your own pair or not, you will need a pair of goggles to play. 

How much does paintballing cost?

On average, it costs around £20 for all the gear and some paintballs. However, PPK has got you covered for only £6!

Paintball occasions 

Paintballing can be a great activity for you and your mates, or even your colleagues. Paintball packages can be offered for:

  • Schools
  • Team building
  • Work groups
  • Hen/stag
  • Birthdays 
  • Walk on 
  • Kid’s parties

Can I just show up?

Some paintball parks might allow walk-ins depending on how busy they are, however, if you’re planning to go with a big group or on a weekend, you’re definitely going to want to book in advance. If you’re unsure give your local field a ring and ask. Best to avoid disappointment. 

How old do I have to be to play?

You can be any age to play paintball, but if you are under 18 you will need to be accompanied by a guardian. Everyone is required to fill out a waiver when they arrive if you’re below 18 you’ll need this to be signed by your guardian. 

What equipment do I need?

Unless you’re playing often as a hobby, you won’t need to bring your own gear. You can, of course. But you will be supplied with your own equipment once you arrive at the park. You will typically receive:

  • Paintball gun
  • Hopper
  • Compressed air or CO2 tank
  • Mask
  • Barrel plug or barrel cover


  • Always wear a mask
  • No alcohol before or during the game
  • No firing blind
  • Allow people to surrender
  • Don’t be a problem for other players
  • Respect the other players


Use cover – If you’re out in the open, the likelihood is you’re going to get shot. Use the things around you to go undetected and shoot your rivals. 

Work in pairs – Working in small groups is a really effective way of playing. If one of you is about to be shot, your partner can defend you from a different angle. 

Run – If you’re outnumbered, run! You may find a place to hide before being eliminated. 

Moving target – If you’re moving, you’re going to be harder to hit. So, if you can’t find anywhere to tuck away and hide, try the zig zag method and you’ll be a lot harder to hit. 

Spread out – Don’t all target from the same angle. If you’re countered, you’re going to be a lot easier to hit as you’re all together. Spreading out is a good tactic to minimise losses on your team. 

Check yourself – If you feel a pellet hit you, double check to see if the pellet has broken and marked you. If you realise it bounced and you declared yourself out – you’re still out. 

Pellets – Make sure you have enough to last. If you do run out though, chances are your opponents won’t realise you’re firing blanks and you can still participate by catching any flags or assisting the other players on your team. 

Communicate – Good communication is key to being a good team. Try keep things simple, you don’t need complex commands or code words, just simple phrases you can all remember and use to work efficiently. This can also mean shouting “OUT” when you’ve been eliminated. 

Hats – Wearing a beanie will not only protect your head, but also mop up any sweat if you’re a particularly active player.