Everything you should know about Chlorella

Chlorella might sound like a complex medicine name. But it isn’t like that it is a small single-cell algae that grows in freshwater. Chlorella benefits you with some potential health benefits. It comes packed either with the dark green tablet or a powder. It comes with proteins, fibers, and several antioxidant properties that benefit our health. 

Benefits of Chlorella

Boost your immune system 

The primary chlorella benefits help in improving the immune system. The immune system helps our body to fight the disease that can harm your body. 

The recent research by the scientist has proved that chlorella supplementation is an effective formula in boosting the immune system and keeping ourselves healthy and protected from the various diseases. 

The other scientific study has found that consuming chlorella with the diet can adequately influence the body’s potential to generate more antibodies than taking the placebo. Antibodies or immunoglobulin’s are the primary reason behind preventing the infection-causing germs that enter the body. 

Decrease the risk of chronic disease 

Chlorella is just similar to the pot of gold when talking of antioxidants. It is equipped with vitamin C, Chlorophyll, lycopene, lutein, and several other antioxidants. Chlorella benefits you in reducing the possibilities of getting chronic diseases like cancer, coronary heart disease, etc., because it is rich in antioxidant properties. 

Reduces cholesterol levels 

The body needs extra cholesterol levels to build healthy cells and develop hormonal production. Moreover, bad cholesterols can also block your arteries and pressure your heart for the blood flow throughout the body. 

From the scientific study, it has been disclosed that Chlorella benefits you in reducing the cholesterol levels in your body. 

Also prescribed by the doctor, chlorella supplementation can efficiently reduce the serum cholesterol between the patients with hyperlipidemia and mild hypercholesterolemia.

Enhances the skin health 

It has also been found that chlorella benefits you will certain potential health benefits for maintaining the skin. 

Chlorella contains the involvement of bioactive compounds, which is the primary concern in the field of skincare. Also, Chlorella vulgaris has amino acids in it, which are akin to collagen fibers. It is essential for maintaining the health of the skin by preventing the sign of aging like wrinkles. Beyond this, chlorella also involves omega-three fatty acids, which help you fight skin inflammation. 

Chlorella has a positive effect on skin lesions. Scientists have revealed that chlorella shortens the skin inflammation and the healing process. 

Diminishes heavy metal toxins 

Heavy metals such as arsenic, mercury, and certain other poisonous compounds usually available in food, water, and other industrials sources. Long-term subjection to heavy metals like these accumulates your body and keeps your body at the risk of heavy metal poisoning. 

If you take the chlorella, it benefits your body since it has the uniform cellular structure that holds these heavy metals and reduces its effectiveness to affect the body. It has been revealed that chlorella can adapt up to 40% of heavy metals within seven days. 

How should you consume Chlorella?

It has been said that Chlorella is highly nutritious. It is based on the form of chlorella you are consuming (e.g., powder, tablet, or capsule). You should also be alert while purchasing since different manufacturers include different concentrations. That is why it becomes very important to double-cross the label to find the volume of specific ingredients while purchasing. 

It is better to consume chlorella one hour before or after taking any medicines. For those who don’t take any medicine, their preferable time is in the early morning or before going to bed. If talking of its dose, you can take it in a dose of 2-3 grams per day. 

Chlorella powder

Several consumers prefer taking chlorella in the form of powder since if you have the powder, you can also take it along with the food and drinks. The best thing about the powder is that it is easily absorbed and digested in the body. The only drawback with the powdered chlorella is that you have to use its flavor when consumed with the water. 

So if you are looking to make your chlorella consuming experience more interesting, you can take it with the green vegetable juice by adding a small amount of powder. You should always start with the light dose and recognize how your body is responding. 

You can also use your chlorella powder to your salads, baked goods, or beverages to make it more nutritious. 

Chlorella in the form of tablets 

Also, several people choose to go with the Chlorella tablets for their self convenience. It is preferred mainly by those people who do not have the proper routine of their daily diet. If you consume chlorella, you don’t have to experience odor taste. You only have to consume it with the glass of water. 

What should you prefer, tablet or powdered chlorella?

The question that comes to everyone’s mind is how you should prefer to consume chlorella either as a tablet or powdered chlorella? Both are the perfect options. It is not specific to choose any of the options. It depends on the tastes and preferences of the consumers.