Everything You Should Know About All-Terrain Tyres

A majority of tyres come in three variants in the market, i.e. – summer, winter, and all season. All three are designed and manufactured according to the environmental conditions so that they can perform all year. The summer tyres are manufactured for resisting dry and muddy road surfaces. They can be used when the temperature exceeds 7 degrees Celsius. They also provide good grip on wet roads.

Winter tyres are used when the temperature falls below 7 degrees Celsius. The groove pattern and deep treads help to channel snow and ice which helps to provide grip in winter days. The tiny grooves also help to disperse water.

The most common among the three is all year Tyres WatfordThis is because these tyres are manufactured with the blend of qualities of winter and summer tyres which makes them ideal for any situation and weather condition. But along with all-season tyres, there are all-terrain tyres that have also been capturing market to some extent.

With so many options available, it gets a little confusing as to which one to buy. All season tyres are immensely popular. They are commonly confused with all-terrain tyres.

All-terrain tyres are produced to give traction on rough surfaces which makes it possible for a car to go off-road. With all-season tyres, a car cannot be driven off-road. They don’t have the capability to handle any kind of terrain and are able to withstand highway or any terrain.

One of the best things about the all-terrain tyre is that it can be used throughout the year as these can resist rain, mud, snow and almost any kind of surface. 

All-terrain tyres are more versatile which means they can adapt to any surface in any condition. These tyres are mostly equipped in SUVs and other four-wheel-drive cars.

Some of the advantages of All-terrain tyres are—

  1. They are specially designed to give more traction and gripping ability.
  2. The driving in these tyres is more comfortable even when it is driven on highways or rough roads.
  3. All- terrain tyres avoid unnecessary damages to a tyre like cuts, punctures when they are at the terrain.
  4. These tyres have strong sidewalls and even stronger treads elements which help to improve gripping on normal as well as muddy surfaces.
  5. All-terrain tyres are said to be much safer than all-year tyres, especially during winter. 
  6. They have deeper grooves and special tread design which helps to channel water.

 All-terrain tyres have some disadvantages as well-

  1. The tyres make a lot of noise because of its tread design. 
  2. The tyres have a soft rubber which means they are not long-lasting and they may require frequent repairs.
  3. They need to be rotated after every 6000 miles. 
  4. They are less fuel-efficient as compared to any other standard tyre.

Are all-terrain tyres expensive?

Well, the price of these tyres may vary. There are some tyres which are priced at 30 pounds, while some are priced at over 500 pounds. This basically depends on the quality, speed, and type.

Although the fact is, one gets what one pays for but there are few things to consider, no matter what the price is. The first and foremost is the warranty. A branded tyre would guarantee a limited warranty for a certain period. The second is the discount. The companies often have special discounts or sales on the tyres. Sometimes, this can be a good way to get hands-on all-terrain tyres at a low- cost price. Visit for more Tyres Borehamwood