Everything You Need to Know Before Shopping for Wedding Bands

A wedding day is arguably one of the most important days in a person’s life. Without a wedding band, this special event would undoubtedly be missing one of its most integral parts. It’s crucial to discuss what type of ring your partner is comfortable wearing and what type of band, cut, and metal they desire. 

Where do you start? 

The purchase of wedding bands typically begins with a conversation between partners. Many individuals decide to and recommend shopping for wedding bands early, sometimes even shortly after the proposal. There are a variety of questions that a couple should go over before making such a large and important decision. This will be the one piece of jewelry you and your partner will wear everyday and should love indefinitely for its aesthetic as well as for what it signifies: a lifetime commitment. You’ll also want to vision yourself wearing this ring in 20 years from now. You may absolutely love this ring right now, but will you still love wearing it when you’re 65 years old? That is something to strongly consider. 

What is the process like? 

The process of purchasing a wedding band takes a few steps. Couples will want to browse, research, and visit jewelry stores in-person to begin narrowing down their search. For this reason and more, it’s important to start your search at least three months in advance in order for you and your partner to take your time and not feel rushed. Many professionals also recommend getting your fingers sized before beginning the ring shopping process. Sometimes partners will fall in love with how a ring looks online or on someone else’s finger, but will completely change their mind once they have it on their own finger. 

The price of a ring is a crucial factor to consider as well. Many couples may decide to finance a ring depending on their financial situation and depending on its price, insurance is also something to consider. If you decide on a budget, it might be easier to narrow down your choices and steer clear of certain jewelers and jewelry stores that may be out of reach. This will save a couple a ton of time during their search. 

What are some factors to consider when purchasing a ring?  

Lifestyle is a major factor to consider when purchasing wedding bands. Some men would rather have a comfortable metal such as titanium, palladium, or tungsten to fit their everyday lifestyle. These metals are very comfortable and durable. For men who work with their hands, such as construction workers and electricians, one of those choices may be the perfect fit. That type of ring also requires little maintenance in comparison to a diamond or gold ring. However, some types of diamond and gold rings also may require little to no maintenance. It all depends on the type of diamond and the ring itself. Some women decide to remove their engagement ring for work, sports, or other activities. In this case, they may want to purchase a more detailed and intricate diamond that will be able to stand out on its own and still have the same level of elegance as the two rings together. 

Something else to consider, especially for women, is what type of wedding band will compliment the jewelry that you are used to wearing. For example, some women are fans of diamond and sterling silver jewelry when it comes to bracelets and necklaces. In this instance, it may not make sense to purchase a gold wedding ring. Other women, however, wear a plethora of jewelry and don’t lean towards gold or silver. It all depends on the person and their preference. 

The quality of the wedding bands you are purchasing is also a serious factor. Wedding bands all have different qualities and come from all over the world. There should be markings both inside and outside of the ring that should state the mineral content, type of metal, manufacturer’s trademark, and a sponsor’s symbol. It’s recommended to ask a trusted professional about the jewelry store or jeweler you are purchasing from before making this big decision. As with any large purchase, a couple should also find the best price for their wedding bands by searching for the same ring at different stores and comparing prices. 

What happens after the purchase of wedding bands? 

After a couple purchases their wedding bands, they should consider cleaning guidelines and procedures, insurance and how to protect their rings in general. There are different simple ways to clean a wedding band depending on if it has stones or not. It’s important to avoid wearing your wedding band when doing rough work or playing sports. If you have pets, you’ll want to keep your rings out of their reach as well. Many couples decide to get their wedding bands appraised and insured after purchasing them. If your ring is lost or stolen, it can be replaced if you have insurance. Once you have your ring and it’s insured, you can finally relax and enjoy it without worry.