Everything You Need to Know About Williams 325

In 1954, William Hamilton designed the first marine jet engine that was commercially successful. He started with the American Hanley Hydro-Jet. However, this did not work for him. On his colleague’s suggestion, he moved the nozzle just above the waterline. He further refined the design and developed the successful business during the 50s and early 60s. However, he refused to take the credit of the invention of marine jet propulsion. He gave credit to Archimedes who lived a few years ago. 

There are many advantages of waterjet propulsion over other marine propulsion forms such as outboard motors, stern drives, surface drives and shafted propellers. It is more reliable because of the following: 

  • Most of its major components are inboard. 
  • It has fewer moving parts. 
  • It is less prone to accidental damage. 

The engine provides you with precise steering control and excellent manoeuvrability even when the speed is high. Depending on the vessel, the engine can achieve speeds from 25-50 knots. The engine has simple maintenance routines and little downtime. It runs smoothly and quietly with no high speed cavitation and no torque effect. As a result, you get maximum comfort on the vessel. The engine is not only safe for people but also for marine life around the vessel. Now more brands are developing jet engines. In this article, we will learn about Williams 325. If you are looking for Williams 325 for sale, you definitely want to know more about it. 

William 325 

William 325 is designed for maximum fun. It takes only 4 seconds to take the vessel from 0 kph to 40kph. Its top speed is 77 kph. If you are a small group of friends, Turbojet 325 is ideal for you. It has enough space for four adults. Enough space is available for your luggage and supplies. Its BRP Rotax ACE 900 engine provides you with improved fuel efficiency, torque and power to weight. Its catalytic converter makes it one of the cleanest marine engines available so far. Williams 325 also has a power limit switch. Before you search for Williams 325 for sale online, consider its specifications.

Principle Specification  


1.70m/5ft 7in


3.30m/10ft 9in


0.80m/2ft 6in, 0.96m/3ft 2in (with removable wheel)




BRP Rotax ACE 900 – 90HP


4+1 persons


40 litres/11 US gal


Yachts 16–21m/52ft–69ft


Up to 48mph/77kph

Standard Features 

  • 12v DC socket
  • Under-seat storage
  • Sports boat hull shape
  • Removable Sealed upholstered seating
  • Automatic fire extinguisher
  • Piped deck drains
  • RPM gauge with digital hour meter
  • Speedometer (GPS)
  • Stainless steel rear handles
  • Plug in navigation lights (Starboard/Port/Running)
  • Fuel gauge
  • Shift control/Single lever throttle
  • Four lifting pad-eyes
  • Fabric grab handles/Forward seat neoprene
  • Two rear tie down points
  • Bow U Bolt
  • Engine flushing attachment
  • Ski eye
  • Battery isolator
  • Automatic bilge pump
  • Tube repair kit
  • Bilge blower
  • Folding backrests
  • Footpump (2 Stage)
  • Hand-made inflatable tube 
  • Fitted fuel tank
  • Owner’s manual