Everything You Need to Know About Web3.0 or Blockchain Project Manager

The rise of blockchain or the Web 3.0 industry confirms that this will be around for a while. It is well-established that web 3.0 principles and methods are revolutionizing the internet. Web 3.0 has already produced several jobs and continuously accommodates more and more people in this field. Similarly, the role of web 3.0 or blockchain project manager has emerged as highly paid and in high demand in the IT industry. The significant role of blockchain technology in smart contract development and decentralized finance indicates a promising future for Web 3.0 and people associated with this new-age technology. 

In this post, we will cover the roles and responsibilities of a blockchain project manager and some must known facts about blockchain project managers if you want to become or hire a blockchain project manager in the future.

What is a Blockchain or Web 3.0 Project Manager?

Web 3.0 project management is more complex than simple project management because it closely connects Web 3.0 with blockchain technology. A Web 3.0 project manager is also called a blockchain project manager. Web 3.0 developments depend upon the reliability of blockchain technology. The main reason to use blockchain technology in web 3.0 is inherent security that cannot be intruded upon. So to understand the role of web3.0 project manager, you first must understand the role of blockchain technology in web3.0. It won’t be very clear if you are a beginner, but as soon as you learn about it, the same role will become easy and interesting for you.

Being a Web 3.0 project manager, you have to do overall planning, find ways to execute, monitor different stages, and track the performance of the team working on a project. Besides, you have to deal with different complications and problems that appear during the whole lifecycle of a project. On top of that, one of the most important roles is to ensure the desired quality in the web 3.0 project. 

Two Methodologies for Project Management in Web3.0

Project managers for web3 work similarly to project managers for software. Project managers for web3 would need to concentrate on blockchain-native tools, technologies, and procedures. 

The sorts of project management are one of the things that stand out the most in the web3 project managers’ portfolio. A web3 project manager has to be well-versed in the foundations of blockchain development services, software development methodologies, and the web3 ecosystem. Web3 project managers probably use the following project management approaches.

  1. Waterfall Methodology

The waterfall technique is the conventional approach to project management. The waterfall project management strategy executes projects step-by-step, as the name suggests. An overview of client expectations is the first step in the waterfall technique explanation of the web3 project manager function. Developing a thorough project plan and determining the project scope are, therefore, essential components of waterfall project management. With the waterfall technique, web3 project managers likewise center on assigning detailed duties to project participants.

  1. Agile Methodology

Agile project management practices take an incremental and iterative approach. It focuses on simultaneously planning and carrying out many project components. With the agile technique, the project is divided into smaller parts known as sprints or iterations, and each part of the project is worked on separately at a given time.

Agile methodologies provide for more adaptation to change and uncertainty than waterfall methodologies. The web3 project manager was able to profit from flexibility and responsiveness to changes that arose during the project. The potential for improved teamwork and communication is another significant benefit of the agile technique. Moreover, iterating on project components continuously may assist in improving output quality.

Tasks and Responsibilities Web3.0 Project Managers Perform

Start learning web3 immediately for the enticing financial attraction of web3 project manager pay estimations. But, ambitious web3 project managers also need to be clear on what exactly is expected of them. What are the everyday tasks that web3 project managers should facilitate? Below is a list of the critical duties that web3 project managers must perform.

  • Collaborating with stakeholders to understand clearly what is needed for the web3 project.
  • Together with resolving the difficulties of dependency management, manage risks and issues.
  • Senior executives are routinely updated on the status of the project.
  • Preserving open lines of communication to ensure that team members and stakeholders are involved in the web3 project.
  • Using web3 community platforms effectively through the use of best practices.
  • Educating stakeholders on the technological possibilities, prices, dangers, and restrictions.
  • Maintaining current knowledge in line with new trends and technology in the web3 industry.
  • Building trusting connections with clients and team members.
  • Designing, creating, and testing cutting-edge web3 technology experiments to enhance project results.

Essential Skills Required to become Web3.0 Project Manager

The common capabilities are the first set of abilities you should search for in web3 project managers. Web3 project managers need to be eloquent communicators with strong interpersonal abilities. A web3 project manager would also require expertise in the principles of web3 technology. Below are a few key items from the list of fundamental abilities web3 project management specialists need.

  • To achieve efficient communication with project stakeholders, web3 or blockchain project managers must possess strong communication skills.
  • For web3 project managers, interpersonal skills are a necessary addition to the list of skill requirements to ensure the growth of improved connections with stakeholders.
  • The extensive list of web3 project management duties necessitates that managers have the capacity for efficient work organization. Project managers for Web3 should be able to handle several project modules at once.
  • Web3 project managers must also pay close attention to the small print to spot possible problems.
  • To ensure that activities are completed on time and with the appropriate outcomes, Web3 project managers also require experience in leadership and time management.