Everything You Need to Know About Uniforms

Crisp uniforms create an excellent impression of any company in front of their customers. Good uniforms and proper grooming are also indicative of the high degree of professionalism in place. Every staff member wearing a proper uniform generates trust and confidence in the mind of a customer. Behind the scenes, it is important for a uniforms manufacturer to be able to consistently meet the quality standards set by the company in question. 

Starting the uniform production process

First of all, the company that needs uniforms has to shortlist a few out of the reputed uniform suppliers in Dubai UAE. The manufacturer who meets one’s requirements in the best possible way and has an excellent mix of services to go with attractive prices will be the final choice. Of course, since uniforms will be made in bulk, it makes sense for the supplier to provide discounts. 

Once the new supplier is on board, a discussion will take place with the company’s management team to place the requirement for uniforms. The supplier will be able to give his or her own inputs on what would suit company executives best. After this, the final decision will be taken and the manufacturing process will start. It will be completed as per the mutually decided deadline, and then handed over to employees. For any new department or when the design is changed, the supplier will have to be told. New employees will constantly be added, and so will new uniforms. Every employee will get a set number of uniforms, which are usually two. 

Uniforms and weather conditions

The weather changes from one place to another, and can even be more variable in a certain area as compared to others. It is important for uniform suppliers to keep the following requirements in minds while coming up with designs. Depending on the differences in temperatures among the seasons, employees may need different uniforms when the season changes. 

Every uniform company understands the needs of the industry that it has to manufacture uniforms for. With experience, they can always improve the types of designs. If the suppliers have information about all the job descriptions, it will be easier for them to decide the most suitable clothing material. Also, uniforms do not have to be just comfortable but also must fit easily. In case of body changes, they may have to be altered during the course of the year.  

Environment friendly uniforms

For uniforms to be made of environment friendly fabrics, tailors have to be aware of such materials. An important role here is that played by textile mills, which must follow ecologically helpful methods for production. All uniform manufacturers must adhere to such standards, considering the state our Earth is in right now.  

Apart from environment friendliness, safety is also important here. It does not make sense to prepare uniforms from easily flammable fabrics for industrial workers, who are often near furnaces. A couple of examples of safety are non-slip shoes for factory workers and hard hats for construction employees. 

Back to school

It is not just the workplace which demands the use of uniforms. All of us remember having donned school uniforms for several years. School councils have to decide which uniform suppliers to sign up with them. Factors they must consider are as follows:

  • Lead time of supply
  • Continuity and reliability
  • Quality of uniforms
  • Ability of manufacturers to meet the deadlines
  • Sustainable production of school uniforms
  • Re-cycling or reusing materials
  • How can the uniforms be purchased
  • Overall cost

It is important to formalize agreements with the designated uniform suppliers, who may be many in number. The agreement can be formed by using a suitable agreement template. A written agreement is helpful for the school council to be clear about rights and obligations of both parties. 

Sometimes uniforms can be similar

There are several cases when different schools have similar looking uniforms, in similar shades. Dark green color is common for a large number of schools. Sometimes these shades are so similar that it becomes hard to figure out which school a particular student is from. As far as possible, every uniform must be as unique as possible, so as to not be confused with another. 

Different branches have the same uniforms

The best part about belonging to a particular school is that uniform will always be the same, no matter which part of the world it is in. Therefore, all such students can easily identify with each other whenever they get a chance to interact with each other. This also helps to establish a certain code of conduct and a set of values among students from the same educational institute. 

Dubai is a city bustling with all kinds of industries and educational opportunities. Therefore, there will never be a dearth of uniform suppliers here. Go through a supplier’s portfolio first before getting in touch.