Everything You Need to Know About Tyre Upsizing

A buyer considers a number of factors before finalising the product. The decision of vehicle buying is affected largely by aesthetics and looks apart from performance and price for automobile enthusiasts. Many people are eager to have unique and sporty vehicle charisma. This eagerness results in modifications and customization and tyre upsizing.

Although, a bold stance to a vehicle is offered by tyre upsizing, performance drawbacks are also offered by it apart from the resolute appearance. Therefore, before upsizing the Tyres Arleston, the vehicle owners should take these factors into account.

Technically, you can perform tyre upsizing in two methods:

  • Wider tyre Installation and Larger wheels Upgradation
  • Retaining the original wheels and mounting wider tyres

Tyre Upsizing Affecting Driving Dynamics

You must consider various things if you have decided upon upgrading the tyres of your car.


The sidewall or profile of a tyre is expressed in the percentage of the contact patch of a tyre. Complete attention is paid to the comfort of the manufacturers while choosing tyres. Improved comfort is offered by a tyre having a tall sidewall as compared to those having a shorter sidewall. The quality of riding is majorly compromised by a tyre of low profile as the sidewalls are stiff. But, the handling of vehicles is improved by it. So, you must upsize the tyre by one size down and enjoy proper comfort.


Rolling resistance of a tyre is highly determined by the tread compound. A soft tyre compound has a good grip and a short distance of braking offers more rolling resistance as compared to other tyre compounds. The fuel efficiency won’t be affected badly by the increased grip but some more power can be required from the engine for the smooth working of the vehicle.

As compared to the harder compounds, the tyres of the softer compounds don’t last too many miles. Thus, based on the needs and performance of your car, you must pick the tyre wisely. Without compromising with the fuel efficiency and performance, you can also prefer the tyre compound that was offered in the original tyre at the time of vehicle purchase. You can also go one or more than that deep into the soft rubber as compared to that of the tyre compound that was offered in the original tyre at the time of vehicle purchase. The tool for upsizing the tyre must be used.

Many drivers consider upsizing many times. It has both benefits as well as disadvantages. Many car owners install wider tyres in the car. Many take their car away straight to a tyre dealer for upsizing. Some do it for good aesthetics and dynamics of driving.

Contact Patch

As wide tyres have more area of contact or contact patch, they offer enhanced grip and proper acceleration. However, you would also have some remarkable exceptions to these facts as the vehicle manufacturers are working hard with the manufacturers of tyres regarding this aspect. The fuel efficiency and performance of the tyres are going to be affected by the wide tyres.

You must ensure that you upsize your tyre by one size more as compared to the size offered when the car came out of the factory. If you upsize by more than one size, you may need to buy wider wheels too. Wider wheels may stick out of the arches of the wheel. The movement of your front wheel is going to be hampered by a wider tyre while turning. This will scrape against the wheel.

Upsizing Benefits

Efficient Braking

A remarkable difference between ill-fated and safe journeys is marked by confident braking. The car can be brought to halt in less time and shorter distances by the gripping nature of wider tyres. Even in the conditions where you need to press hard on the brakes, you can maintain the safety of your loved ones.

Easy Cornering

In-car cornering, Suspension has a crucial role. Enabling the driver to corner efficiently even at high speed, wider tyres have slimmer sidewall flex.

Proper Grip

Upsizing indicates wider tyres simply. The contact patch of wide tyres is wider. The car weight is distributed efficiently to make the car stable, especially at higher speeds.

Overall Control

The overall performance of a vehicle is enhanced by Tyre upsizing for its traction, stability, and balance. For vehicles having over or understeering, this is an asset. This is because the driver can balance the vehicle securely and safely with wider tyres.

The Better Capability of Cornering

You must get the sidewall height reduced when the width of the Tyres Telford is increased during upsizing. This will maintain gravity. Unlike in the tyres of low profile, more flex is generated by tyres having a tall sidewall. Thus, while taking corners at high speed, the car feels unstable. By facilitating strong traction due to a wide patch of contact and low height sidewall, the risk is minimized by upsizing.


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