Everything you need to know about the shoulder injuries

The shoulder joint is one of the important joints in your body. This joint has the interconnection of the bones and the cartilage layers, making the shoulder the most mobile joint. Notably, it is flexible to provide the hands with the motion in a different direction. Daily activities, such as manual labor, can cause injuries to this joint. Once the shoulder gets injured or dislocated, it may hinder the individual’s capacity to rotate the arm freely and can lead to discomfort due to pain. If you experience shoulder injuries, you should not worry since Dr. Kristopher Downing La Jolla can offer the best remedy for your condition. The following is crucial information worth noting about shoulder injuries.

What are the causes of the shoulder injuries?

The shoulder pain generally occurs due to the trapping of the rotator cuffs beneath the bony region of the shoulder. Consequently, this instance leads to swelling and damage of the tendons. Here are some of the causes;

·         Bone spurs within the shoulder

·         Arthritis affecting the shoulder joints

·         Shoulder joint dislocation

·         Stiffness of the ligaments and tendons

·         Nerve complications within the shoulder

What is the prevention of shoulder injuries?

The following are some of the tips that can help you to avoid and reduce the severity of this condition;

Maintain the proper posture

Poor posture can increase the risk of getting shoulder injuries. For instance, sitting while bending for a long time without changing the position causes excessive stress on the shoulder joints. Therefore individuals should maintain proper posture, such as sitting upright, reducing the forces exerted on the shoulder by the neck.

Regular exercises

Individuals should have a strict schedule for their daily exercises. Notably, the exercises such as stretching strengthen the muscles supporting the shoulder, thus reducing the chances of shoulder injuries. Strong muscle is also crucial in increasing the flexibility and stability of the shoulder. The exercises also boost the circulation of the oxygenated blood to the muscles supporting the joints, enhancing their wellness.

Have some rest

Your body muscles need to relax, especially when engaging in repetitive motions. For instance, if you experience pain while lifting an object from the ground, it would help if you find some rest. However, individuals should not give up on shoulder exercises while relaxing.

Change the sleeping positions

Sleeping on your side for too long can increase the risk of shoulder complications. Therefore individuals should sleep on their back to avoid excessive force on either of their shoulders. Invest in a dense mattress which guarantees comfort and reduces the risk of shoulder dislocation while sleeping.


While engaging in the workouts, you should not begin with cold muscles. Start with mild exercises and warm-ups to enhance the readiness of the shoulder joints for the entire exercise. For example, before jogging, always walk for some distance to activate the synovial fluid that lubricates the joints.

Many people have been experiencing complications in their shoulders which usually limits their mobility and flexibility. Besides, the injuries in the shoulder joint can be a painful experience which can lower the productivity of individuals. If you are a victim, I have good news for you. At Upper Extremity Specialists of Ortho 1 Medical Group, Kristopher Downing, MD, and his team of experienced professionals offer customized treatments for shoulder injuries. Schedule the appointment and visit their office today to mark the end of your suffering.