Everything You Need to Know About Price Gun Labeling

If you run a business, then you know that labeling is important. It helps customers understand what they are buying and it helps to prevent confusion. There are many different types of labels, but one type that is especially important for businesses is price gun labeling. In this blog post, we will discuss everything you need to know about price gun labeling!

What is A Price Gun?

A Price Gun, also known as a price tag gun or pricing gun, is a handheld device used to apply pricing labels to products. Price guns are often used in retail stores and supermarkets to quickly label items with their prices. Price guns use pre-printed labels that come on rolls of paper or plastic, which are then fed through the gun and applied to a product. Price guns are typically operated by pressing a trigger which activates the labeling mechanism inside the gun.

How Does Price Gun Labeling Work?

Price gun labeling works by printing information onto pre-printed labels from an ink roll inside the price gun itself. When you press the trigger on the gun, it releases a small amount of pressure that causes ink to be released onto the labels as they pass through the gun. Price guns are also able to print multiple lines of information onto each label, such as a product description and accompanying price.

Price gun labeling is much faster than hand-labeling products, and this makes it an efficient way for stores to quickly mark prices on items. Price guns are also often used in inventory management applications, allowing store staff to quickly scan items and update their records accordingly.

Uses Of A Price Gun

Price guns are easy to use and provide a quick and accurate way for businesses to label their stock with prices or other information. Price guns help businesses save time by eliminating the need for manual labeling of individual items, saving cost and effort in the process. Price gun labeling is an efficient way for stores to control costs and track inventory. Price guns are also used in many types of retail stores, from supermarkets to department stores.

Price guns can be used for a variety of purposes beyond pricing products, such as labeling items with barcodes or other information. Price guns are versatile tools that help store staff quickly label and organize their merchandise. Price guns come in different sizes and styles to meet the needs of various businesses, allowing them to easily find the right price gun for their particular needs.

Price guns can also be customized to print customized labels with company logos or other branding elements. Price guns are an integral part of any store’s inventory management system, helping staff maintain accurate records and minimize losses due to theft or incorrect pricing. Price guns make it easy for businesses to quickly, accurately, and efficiently price their products for sale.

Types Of Price Guns

Price guns come in two main types: manual and electronic. Manual price guns require users to manually set the pricing for each item, while electronic price guns can be programmed with different prices for multiple items. Both types of price guns are available in different sizes and styles, depending on the size of the business and its needs.

Price Guns For Labeling

Price guns also offer labeling capabilities that help businesses organize their merchandise. Price labels provide a quick and easy way to identify products’ prices, SKUs, barcodes, or other information related to inventory control. Price gun labels are durable enough to withstand regular handling, making them ideal for identifying products on store shelves. Price gun labels also allow staff to quickly identify items when scanning them at checkout.

Price Gun Ink Rollers

Price gun ink rollers are an important part of the price gun system and need to be replaced regularly for accurate printing. Price gun ink rollers contain a special type of ink that is designed to resist fading, smudging, and other wear-and-tear. Price gun labels should also be replaced when they become worn or faded from regular use. Price guns come with instructions on how to install new ink rollers, as well as how to replace label rolls in order to maintain accuracy.

What To Keep In Mind

When using a Price Gun it’s important to keep in mind the type of ink you are using. Price gun ink should be specifically designed for use with Price Guns and should not be used on any kind of paper or label material other than Price Gun labels. Additionally, Price Gun labels should not be exposed to extreme temperatures, humidity, or direct sunlight as this can cause the labels to fade or degrade over time.


Price gun labeling is a great way to ensure that your customers know what they are buying and that there is no confusion when it comes to prices. With the right price gun, you can easily and quickly label items in your store with accurate pricing information. Price guns also allow you to make any changes or corrections needed quickly, so your customers always have the most up-to-date information. Price guns are an important tool for businesses of all sizes to have and can help them be successful in their pricing strategies!