Everything You Need to Know About Powertrain Warranty?

If you have bought a new car then you will be wondering if you can save on the repair on your car and it is totally under stability as we all love to save while enjoying the most and this is where the car warranty plans will work for every car owners. While browsing different car warranty plans you will come across the powertrain warranty and this is where a number of car owners will wonder what is this and what type of warranty it actually is? So for the starters, the powertrain warranty includes the parts of the powertrain such as transmission, drivetrain, and car’s engine, and the warranty will cover the repair or replacing these components once they stopped working. Don’t confuse it with the bumper-to-bumper warranty that will last for a shorter time than the Car Warranties but still cover most of the parts. So with this information in mind, you might be wondering that if you should be looking for the powertrain warranty then just continue reading the following.

What Is Included In the Powertrain Coverage?

To make things simple for you, it is just like the car warranty but powertrain warranty is all about giving a protection plan that will cover the expenses of repairing components that will power up the car. You will be surprised to know that almost 50,000–100,000 miles are provided when it comes to the duration of the powertrain warranty provided by the manufacturers but cover way less than the bumper to bumper warranty through the list of covered parts is quite shorter; the powertrain warranty will cover the most important parts of your car. The typical components will include:

  • Engine- that is the heart of your vehicle,
  • Transmission that will move the gear either automatically or manually,
  • Transfer case that will move the  power to the wheels from the transmission
  • Drive shafts that will rotate shafts that pass on torque in an engine
  • Axels and Differentials
  • Drive box

Though some of us might consider the factory powertrain warranty sufficient enough as it provides enough coverage but it doesn’t consider any electrical components, interior and air system and don’t forget that it will cover the components within the powertrain warranty when they will face some severe damage, so when there are some common issues then the car owners will have to pay the charges from their wallet.

When Should You Buy a Powertrain Warranty?

Just when the warranty from the factory is about to finish then you will be wondering that if you should look for an extended powertrain warranty or may even have no idea what it exactly is? But if you want to have one for you then before looking for car warranty plans, you should ask yourself the following questions!

.How Long Do You Want To Own The Car?

Not all of us will want to have our beloved first ever vehicle especially when there are several options to choose so when you will have powertrain warranty then it will help you to pay for some inevitable repairs while driving the vehicle. Also, when you are about to sell your vehicle then you can transfer the warranty as well which will increase the value of your car.

  • Do You Have Reliable Car?

If you have a car that has aged and requires powertrain repairers then having the warranty will help you to pay off some of these charges.

  • Do You Want Extended Warranties Or You Want Bumper To Bumper Instead!

Having powertrain warranty is great as it can cover the charges of the rapier cost of the major parts in between and same can happen with bumper to bumper as well with some extra components.

  • Would you feel great knowing that costs are covered?

Having extended warranties can provide peace of mind especially when you own a vehicle that require some hefty repair charges that can put you in poor financial condition.

What Is the Duration of Powertrain Warranty?

Normally the powertrain coverage will last for 5 years or 60 thousand miles whatever will come first. Though the duration and number can be different depending on the specific vehicles and makers but there won’t be much difference. Vehicle types such as commercial vehicles, heavy-duty pickups, and government vehicles usually get more coverage and mileage (five years or 100,000 miles.

Bottom Line

Factory warranty can do a lot in terms of heavy payments of the most important components of the car but due to its harsh conditions behind, it isn’t possible to avail much from it for short expanses that can be covered in the powertrain warranty. However, if you want to know better about different car warranties then hit Chaiz and learn about different car warranty plans for a better idea about car warrenties.


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