Everything You Need To Know About Padel

Padel is a well-known racket sport that players play in doubles on enclosed courts. This is pretty much like a cross between squash and tennis, and here, the ball bounces off the metallic mesh or glass wall that surrounds the court. Commonly, people play a padel game outdoors. Some nations where padel sport is played are Argentina, the USA, the UK, and Mexico.

Identifying Padel rackets

You can immediately recognize Padel rackets as they don’t have strings. These rackets are created from supreme quality materials like fiberglass and carbon. Foam or EVA is used for the core, and Kevlar is utilized for the frame. A lighter Padel jacket can be handled easily, but the heavier ones permit more highly potent shots.

Tips for selecting the ideal Padel racket

It is a pretty tricky process to choose the ideal Padel racket as, most often, people become lost by the huge variations of these rackets. You will find Padel rackets in various components, sizes, and shapes. You must be hugely conscious and shouldn’t pick the first ones that grab your attention. Before you zero in on a Padel racket, you have to consider its characteristics because if you end up selecting the incorrect racket, it won’t only harm you but cause injuries too.

Some factors you need to consider are:


The shape of the Padel rackets plays a vital role. You will find these rackets in three shapes:

  • Round

Round-shaped Padel rackets tend to be perfect for all kinds of players, particularly beginners.

  • Diamond 

A diamond-shaped Padel racket seems perfect for skilled players who want to have more power at the time of hitting the ball. 

  • Teardrop 

A teardrop-shaped Padel racket is called a balanced Padel racket, and it has got this name as its shape is a combination of diamond Padel rackets and round Padel rackets. Players who have already got experience and go through a highly balanced game opt for these rackets.


While buying Padel rackets, you have to consider their shape too. Three chief shapes of Padel rackets are:

  • Low 

A low-balance Padel racket has a sloping weight that reaches the handle, and it proposes a higher degree of control. All kinds of players, particularly beginners, use these kinds of rackets.


  • The medium-balance Padel racket always provides an ideal balance between control and power.


  • A high-balance Padel racket proposes a higher degree of power, and they are commonly diamond-shaped.


  • Another important aspect you need to consider when you select a Padel racket is its material.


  • The soft padel rackets are created from fiberglass, and this material has a higher level of flexibility. As a result, the ball will bounce more.


  • A hard Padel racket is created from carbon fiber, and this component is lesser flexible and harder compared to fiberglass. When Padel rackets are manufactured with this component, they tend to be more durable compared to soft Padel rackets.


When you shop Padel rackets, you must choose the ideal ones so that you become confident. It will also strengthen your game. Unfortunately, if you select the wrong racket, your performance will suffer, and it will cause injuries too.