Everything You Need to Know About Motivated Seller Leads

Real estate investment can be profitable if you can find motivated seller leads quickly. There are several ways to identify a motivated seller and approach them through various means to close the deal. If you’re aspiring to be a successful real estate investor in your region, learn more about the ins and outs of generating motivated seller leads.

The following sections explain who motivated sellers are and the different types of motivated seller leads.

What Are Motivated Seller Leads?

Homeowners who are in a hurry to get rid of their properties look for the best way to find a buyer. These highly motivated sellers are ready to sell their houses even below the market price to a buyer who can close the deal in the shortest time possible. Getting information about motivated sellers is known as motivated seller leads. Real estate investors use these leads to buy properties, make repairs, and put the homes up for resale or rent.

Different Types of Motivated Seller Leads

The seller’s motivation becomes the advantage to the real estate investor to quickly make an offer based on the market condition. A seller may be going through a challenging situation that requires them to put the house up for sale. Here are the different types of motivated sellers you may come across in the real estate business.

Vacant Seller Leads

In this case, the homeowner does not occupy the property and lives elsewhere. It can be an additional property that remains unoccupied or rented out. The investor must gather information about the property and how long it’s been vacant. If it’s empty for a long duration, the chances are higher for closing the deal quickly.

Distressed Property Leads

This type of homeowner generally is going through some financial issues and needs a quick way out of the situation before it becomes a burden. They may want to sell the house to avoid a foreclosure or because of a personal problem. Distressed properties present significant opportunities for real estate investors. They can buy the house at the lowest price possible and earn a considerable return.

Inherited or Probate Leads

Probate deals with transferring the property of a deceased individual to the rightful heirs through the court judgement. Individuals who inherit a probate property are likely to sell it quickly to avoid the hassle of dealing with it. Probate leads have greater chances of being sold than other motivations. You can get information about probate leads through an attorney in your area.

Real estate investors must use all their resources to get motivated home seller leads in their respective areas. However, they can also use experts like Motivated Leads, who can generate many leads each week using Google and Facebook ad campaigns.