Everything You Need To Know About Manchester City Football Team

Manchester City Football Club is an English based football club. It is located in Manchester city that competes in the Premier League, the best flight of English Football. Manchester City Football Club founded in 1880 as St.Mark ‘s (West Gorton), later it became the Ardwick Association football club in 1887’and Manchester city in 1894. The home ground of Manchester city is in East Manchester, to which is moved in 2003, having played matches at Maine Roads since 1923.

Clubs Colours And Badges

The home colors of Manchester city are sky blue and white. Furthermore, traditionally maroon or red and black colors are of away kits, although various colors have used in recent years. The origins of the Club’s colors are ambiguous, but there is evidence that the Manchester City football club has worn blue since 1892 or maybe earlier.

Famous Managers Of Manchester City

The most notable Manchester city managers are as;

  • Tom Maley
  • Wilf Wild
  • Less McDowall
  • Tony Book
  • Manual Pellegrini
  • Pep Guardiol


From moving to the place of Manchester Stadium, its attendance has been in the top six in England, generally more than 40,000. Furthermore, a research carried out by Club in 2005 estimates a fan following of 886,000 in the United Kingdom and a complete more than two million across the world.

Ownership And Finances

The owner organization of Manchester City, Manchester City Limited, is a private limited company, with nearly 54 million shares in issue. Now, the Club has been in private hands since 2007. At times when principal shareholders agreed to sell their holdings to United Kingdom Sports Investments Limited (UKSIL), an organization owned by former Thailand prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra.


The decline period was for a long time. With having just one FA Cup in the next three decades and attendance gradually dwindling, it was high time for changes. After the appointment of Joe Mercer as a manager in 1965, the Manchester City entered a hot streak; during the six years in control, Manchester won a debut division title, both English Cups and a Winners cup. The post-Mercer time won another cup in 1976 for Club before succumbing to another long spell of mediocrity.

Then, the triumphant return for the Manchester City football team in England in the season 1998-99. After an exciting playoff match against  Gillingham. Consequently, City succeeded in climbing from second to first Division. The City quickly become able to go directly via Division one to the premier League.

New Era For Manchester City

In the new era of Abu Dhabi billionaire, Sheikh Mansour in 2008 signaled a unique and triumphant age. Now the City is one of the wealthiest clubs in the world.  Manchester City abruptly started becoming busy on the transfer market, getting many famous players for record fees. Mansour spent over £500 minions on players. The Abu Dhabi influence was also shown by the decision to vary the title of the home stadium to Etihad Stadium in 2011.

This shopping spree saw Manchester City redeem their glory years, winning the title of Premier League, the title of one FA Cup and League Cup titles in the period that followed. A peak point was the City victory in the 2017-2018 season. The time when City became the first-ever team in Premier League to gain 100 points in one season. Manchester City also made a new milestone in consecutive League victories. (18)


Manchester City Football Club has used three different logos. The initial version was abandoned in 1960 but utilized once again for a short period. The next logo design launched in the 1960s would come back as the logo in 2016 replacing the logo with an eagle behind the shield. It had used since 1997. The present logo has a ship in the upper part of the field and Red Rose of Lancaster in the below section of the shield. 

All in all, Manchester City Football Club is a great brand belonging to English land. The City is owned by the Sheikh Mansour, who belongs to Abu Dhabi. The Club has faced so many ups and downs in his career. The name of its stadium is Etihad Stadium because of sponsorship reasons. Furthermore, it possesses three different logos throughout its career. Consequently, it is a great team and Club who has a great fan following too. You can check out UFA site here