Everything You Need To Know About Magnesium Oil

Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in our body. It is crucial for hundreds of chemical reactions, supporting the immune system, including maintaining the energy level, helping you relax, sustaining the health of the heart and blood vessels, etc. It activates the enzyme, helps regulate the level of copper, zinc, calcium, vitamin D, or other essential nutrients. The benefits don’t stop there. Magnesium also plays a pivotal role in supporting healthy brain functions. 


You can purchase magnesium in the market in supplement form as oil, pill, or capsule. However, it is most popularly used in the form of oil. But what exactly is magnesium oil, and why so much buzz about this product? Read on to know!


What Is Magnesium Oil Spray?


Magnesium oil is a concentrated form of magnesium chloride (MgCl2). Surprisingly, it isn’t an oil. Magnesium oil is simply a term for a saturated solution of MgCl2 in water, along with other trace elements present in an oil-like texture. This entails that you don’t have to worry about the oil stains, oily skin, or other side-effects while using it.


Why Is Magnesium Oil Considered Better Than Magnesium Pills?


Magnesium oil is considered an ideal choice as it gets absorbed more easily through the skin into the bloodstream as compared to its counterparts. This way, it helps elevate the low levels of magnesium in the body than pills or other supplements. 


Transdermal magnesium therapy is a scientific way to describe how to apply magnesium oil onto the skin surface. You can use a magnesium oil spray, add it to the lotion, or use it in full body and foot bath. 


Who Should Use Magnesium Oil?


Are you inspired to use magnesium oil but don’t know if you are a suitable person to use it? Well, like other organic products, magnesium oil benefits are completely natural and won’t cause any harm. So, anyone can use it without worrying about the side effects. However, below are some of the points that will help you get clear on the confusions associated with using this product-


If a person is in good shape, does he still needs magnesium?


Probably, more than most of the other people! Perhaps, you already know that athletes use more magnesium than their normal fellows. The reason is, going to the gym or doing any strenuous physical activities use up magnesium present in the body. If you use magnesium oil before exercising, it will reduce the likelihood of pain that may occur afterward. Moreover, spraying magnesium oil directly on the pain will help you recover faster. So, if you live an active lifestyle, you can use it to keep muscular pain at bay. 


Is magnesium oil safe to use if a person has kidney issues?


If a person is on a dialysis machine or has kidney failure, don’t attempt magnesium supplementation without consulting to a doctor. Doing so may cause magnesium buildup, as it may not be discharged in your urine.


Is it safe to be used for children?


Yes, it is! But, you must start with very small amounts, as a child’s skin is more sensitive to skin irritation. Prefer diluting it with equal parts of water and keep an eye out for any type of skin irritation.


Your skin is a living organ that is the most efficient for detoxification and enormous potential for re-mineralizing your body. Go for certified organic magnesium oil as a topical spray for the long-lasting benefits of the mineral.