Everything you need to know about limb lengthening surgery

Anyone who wishes to add a couple of more inches to the height can think about going through limb lengthening surgery. It is a proven procedure, which can effectively lengthen bones in legs and arms. It is not an overnight surgery, but a gradual process. Usually, the limb lengthening Turkey surgery would require few months to complete. During this time, you can expect to receive a gradual increase of your height, along with the correction of deformities. While keeping that in mind, let’s deep dive and learn more on what limb lengthening surgery is all about.

How does limb lengthening surgery work?

Before you go through limb lengthening surgery Turkey, you should have a clear picture in your mind on what it is all about. During the surgical procedure, you can expect the doctor to cut your bone into two different bone segments. This is done through a surgical procedure named osteotomy. Depending on the situation, some additional soft-tissue procedures will be conducted as well.

Then the doctor will go ahead and insert the orthopaedic lengthening device into the bone. It is inserted in a careful way, just to support the existing bone structure and your body weight. These are two different types of orthopaedic devices used in the leg lengthening surgery in Turkey. They include internal devices and external devices.

Different types of limb lengthening surgeries in Turkey

Leg lengthening procedures come in a variety of forms.

Leg lengthening surgery is available in Turkey in a variety of ways. Precice Stryde, Precice 2.2 method, and LON method are among them. Let’s take a closer look at them and learn more about them.

  • The LON method

The LON technique involves limb lengthening over the nail. This is now the most prevalent form of limb lengthening accessible to individuals. If you choose the LON approach, you’ll need to put two separate devices on each leg. The first would be an inside device, while the second would be an external device. In the LON technique, you will also need to have a second operation to remove the gadget that was implanted inside in your body.

  • Precice method

A rod is placed into a patient’s bones using the Precice 2.2 procedure. There would be no pain because of this. The danger of infection, on the other hand, would be minimal with this strategy. Following that, the implanted bones would be stretched using a remote-controlled device. This strategy will allow you to heal in under three months.

  • Stryde method

Stryde is a more advanced version of Precice 2.2. This is where a powerful and long-lasting rod is implanted. This rod would be able to support the patient’s whole weight. After a few months of using crutches, a person who is undergoing limb lengthening may be able to walk again.

Why choose Lengthening Turkey Height Solutions?

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