Everything You Need to Know about Invokana

Invokana is a prescribed medicine used with exercise and diet for lowering blood sugar levels. Individuals who have type 2 diabetes are often recommended invokana for reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease like a heart attack. It also reduces the risk of seizure and death along with kidney disease. If an individual is enduring kidney malfunction, cardiovascular disease, and other issues, doctors often prescribe invokana. However, it is not for individuals with type one diabetes. It is strictly for individuals with type 2 diabetes who want to lower their blood sugar levels.

What should you tell your specialist before starting invokana?

It would help if you conveyed a few vital pieces of information to your doctor before starting this medicine. The doctor must know your medical history, whether you have any heart disease or not, whether there is any blockage or narrowed blood vessels that might lead to cardiovascular issues. This is vital information which you must convey to your physician. If you have liver issues or kidney problems, share the information with your doctor. From prescription to nonprescription medicine, supplements and vitamins, if you take any medication, you must ensure that your doctor knows about it.

How should you take invokana?

One tablet every day is the general dosage of invokana that doctors often prescribe. Along with this, your doctor might tell you to increase or decrease the dosage, depending on your medical history. In addition to invokana, the doctor may prescribe additional diabetes medicines for lowering blood sugar levels. It’s good to take invokana before the meal, and especially the first meal of the day. If you miss out on a dose, there is no need to panic. Take it when you remember. However, if it is time for your next dose, you can skip the missed dose.

If you have stress, trauma, fever, or infection, the dosage may change. In such a circumstance, you have to tell your doctor about your condition, and the person will instruct you on the dosage. Check the blood sugar level regularly and convey the information to your physician. Stick to your exercise regime and diet while taking medicine.

Using invokana for type two diabetes is a well established fact. However, if you have any other medical ailment, it might interfere with the dosage. Hence, your physician must know about your medical history and instruct you on the dosage. The active ingredients of invokana include magnesium stearate, lactose anhydrous, microcrystalline cellulose, etc. When you get your medicine, ensure that it is from a reputable store and not of low quality. At times, you get an online pharmacist to cater to your requirement. They are easy to approach and ensure your privacy. More so, placing the order and getting the delivery on time is possible with online stores. You can visit various websites and see the Invokana 300mg price. Lastly, you may get various coupons and codes from these trusted online pharmacists. They are regular with their services and known for their efficiency. Hence, you can rely upon their medicines.