Everything You Need To Know About Heating a Crawl Space

If your house has a crawl space, you must know how it affects your home and health.  Unmaintained crawl spaces can become damp and dank, making them a breeding zone for a variety of unpleasantries like molds, dust and dirt, and pests like rodents and insects. But did you know that you can get rid of these problems by installing crawl space heaters in the area? 

In addition, heating a crawl space brings you major benefits that make your living spaces more pleasant and comfortable. Learn more about it below:

Why You Need a Crawl Space Heater

Installing a crawl space heater prevents moisture buildup, which means that mold, pest, and insect infestation may also be avoided. Such nuisances thrive in humid and damp environments, so there’s a low chance of them infesting the underside of your home if it’s heated.

Crawl space heaters are also vital, especially during winter. The temperature could drop significantly, which can lead to cold and uncomfortable floors in your living space. To keep your rooms comfortable, you need to install a heater on the underside of your home.

In addition, crawl space heaters can help you save money. If the underside of your home is cold, your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning or HVAC system would have to work hard to keep you and your family comfortable. As a result, you’ll need to pay for a higher electricity or energy bill. 

As mentioned above, unmaintained crawl spaces can easily get infested by molds, pests, and insects. Hiring professionals to eliminate them on the underside of your home can be expensive. So, it’s best to prevent them from infiltrating your property in the first place by installing a heater in the area.

Types of Crawl Space Heaters

Electric and gas-powered are the two main types of crawl space heaters. Both can effectively warm up the underside of your home. Learn more about these appliances below.

  • Gas-Powered Crawl Space Heater

These heaters have sealed combustion chambers and vents directly outside your property. They can effectively prevent cold floors and frozen pipes in your crawl space. But since they are powered by gas, they have the potential to leak carbon monoxide into your indoor living area.

  • Electric Crawl Space Heater

Unlike gas-powered, an electric crawl space heater doesn’t need to vent outside. It also doesn’t emit any harmful substances or chemicals into the air. And if you buy one with a built-in thermostat and time, you can customize the heating schedule.

How to Cut Crawl Space Heating Costs

Heating your crawl space can significantly add to your energy bills. Thankfully, there are ways you can reduce your heating costs. Here are some of them:

  • Choose a crawl space heater that is energy efficient, like an electric heat pump or a radiant floor heating system.
  • Insulate your crawl space floor with spray foam or fiberglass to help ensure that the heat in the area will not leak through the cracks in your foundation.
  • For added efficiency, seal off any gaps around the vents or doors that lead into the underside of your home.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Crawl Space Heater

To ensure that the crawl space heater you’ll buy is best suited for the underside of your home, there are certain things you need to consider before purchasing one. Here are some of them:

  • Layout and Size of Your Crawl Space

Crawl space heaters come in different sizes. Consider a small unit if the underside of your home is narrow. In contrast, you should buy a larger or more powerful appliance for wider areas.

  • Intended Use of Your Crawl Space

Before purchasing a crawl space heater, you should determine whether you’ll use the area as storage or additional living space. Doing so can help you decide which type of heater is best for the area.

For example, if you’re going to use the underside of your home as an additional living room, you can use a gas-powered crawl space heater. However, if the area is meant for storage, it might be best to purchase an electric crawl space heater to lessen the risk of fire. 

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