Everything You Need to Know About Guest Postings

People nowadays are addicted to the internet. We’re getting too dependent to it. We can use it for communication, news, information, business, advertisements and so much more. It is also popular among people who wanted to express themselves. With our freedom to speak, aspiring writers have the courage to express themselves through different websites.

Social media makes it easier for people to show their talent in writing and blogging without needing any kind of expertise. Through the internet, people also found a good marketing strategy for their products, may it be products that people use or information that people need. And just like that, writers and bloggers can also make their works and their self-be known to people through Guest postings.

But what exactly is Guest Posting? This is a way of getting a lot of readers through writing and issuing articles on other people’s website. By doing this, other writers and bloggers will know you and have a chance of them recommending your work to their readers. Guest posting is a win-win situation for both site owner and the writer. The site owner will get a good quality content to attract more visitors and the writer will get the exposure that he wants for his work and his self.

How to Write a Guest Post

A writer must be determined to work this out before he or she will proceed. Knowing how guest posting is done is a must. You can’t just go to a war without a gun. You have to know what is needed and what the website owner wants before making a move. Here are some tips for a better post.

Follow the author’s standards – of course! Your guest post has a higher possibility of getting picked if you reach the author’s standard. They mostly demand good images, the author’s life history, number of links allowed, and how long the content would be. There are many instances that they give unclear directions but you are free to ask questions.

Show your talent – a good guest post consist of a storyline, supported by information and illustration. You can share your opinion but have your limit.

Be natural – readers can feel your writing. You have to make them sense comfort. Write as if you’re just telling them something interesting and make it easier to understand. Make sure that every thought is connected to the other.

Search engine friendly compositions – a good guest post also has short and easy to understand paragraphs. This way, people can easily find and understand your work.

Concentrate on your subject – a lot of writers usually make sure to highlight their keyword. To make it more natural, concentrate on the subject. Put it in different parts of your content and make it particular.

Relevant backlinks – don’t settle for your own site. Add backlinks that lead to the site that will support your written information about a certain subject. You can also attach links that will lead readers to the site that you are posting in to.

Provide illustration – this can be seen as images, audios or videos. The usually used one is, of course, the images. It gives a high impact and will make your work more noticeable than the other.

Check your own work – for you to avoid mistakes and embarrassments, check everything first. You can also make someone do it for you. The basic grammar, spelling and other things that needed to be checked. The most important part is to check the originality of your work. Use sites that lets you see the percentage of how unique is your work and highlights the words that need to be rewritten.

Work with confidence – you have to look so sure about what you are saying in your content. Write as if you very well know what you are writing. Don’t use phrases that indicate uncertainties and confusions. It will make your work and yourself unbelievable.

Give them tasks to do – if you convinced and make the readers interested until the end. Give them choices of what they can do. Guidelines for the next resourceful content or let them share their thoughts through the comment section.

How to Do Guest Posting

Guest posting as we know is a good kind of marketing tactics. It gives a number of readers and makes your name be known. But this is quite the easily-said-than-done kind of instruction for guest posting. How so? Let me enlighten you.

If a writer wants to guest post, he or she should find a site with a renowned name and has a high standing position that accepts guest post. Because those sites can really give you high benefits than you think. But don’t forget to look for blog sites that are similar to your expertise.

When you found a good site, scan for their requirement for blog posting and do all the instructions.  You have to meet their standard for you to be able to get accepted. The same goes when you are submitting your idea. But if there is no direction on how to do it, don’t hesitate to contact the editor and ask if they are in need of guest postings. Include everything they need to know about you. From your skill to your accomplishments, then ask for their approval. If the person in charge replied to send your work. Make it worth their time and do a great job.

After sending them your ideal project, you have to wait for their acceptance. It usually takes more than two weeks. If you didn’t hear anything from them after, try to send them follow-ups. If that doesn’t work also, maybe you should try again or try sending it to other blogs.If the person in charge does reply and approved your idea, send in your masterpiece following all their demands about it. The editor might ask you for some revisions. Do it until they are satisfied with your work. And don’t forget to pass it on time.

When suggesting an idea to the editor, make it more advanced for them to cope up with their schedule. Don’t suggest something that doesn’t give them time to prepare. It was like, preparing for every season. More advanced, more time to make it perfect.

Guest posting is an effective way of branding yourself and your work to readers. It doesn’t just give people information but also develop the writer’s talent. Writers are gathering information also. They also learn from their work and from their mistakes. Appreciate what they can do. Their contribution to our community is higher than you thought.


Priya  is the technical content writer of Hopinfirst that helps startups and enterprises in Digital Marketing and having a great experience in Travel SEO, Ecommerce SEO, Healthcare SEO and Financial SEO etc.