Everything you need to know about getting a toll-free number in Saudi Arabia

Considering a toll-free number in Saudi Arabia? Perhaps you’re not sure what the benefits are, or maybe you simply don’t know how toll-free numbers work. As one of the leading providers of toll-free numbers in Saudi Arabia, as well as over 140 other countries, G-Tele know a thing or two about the advantages they can bring to your business.

Here, we delve into the details about why you should think about adding a toll-free number to your business, and why G-Tele can support you in doing just that.

What is a Saudi Arabia toll-free number?

If you’re new to the use of toll-free numbers, then we can understand why you might be unsure whether they’re right for you. Simply, a toll-free number attached to your business means that customers can reach you at no cost to them, with you (the company) incurring all costs.

Incredibly simple in concept, but a toll-free number is synonymous with corporate businesses, meaning that opting for one can make your business look more established and trustworthy, and will encourage more customers to contact you.

What does a Saudi Arabia toll-free number look like?

Another huge benefit to choosing a toll-free number for your business is that they are widely recognised and easy to remember. They often begin with the same digits, making them easier to identify. However, it is important to note that toll free numbers in Saudi Arabia are a little more complicated as they have a different format. Saudi toll free numbers start with 800 and have a maximum number of digits, which is 10 – making them a little more specialist to setup.

With the right help, you can get this setup efficiently. And if prospective new customers – looking for the type of services you provide – see that they can contact you easily and at no cost to them, they will be more inclined to come to you over competitors.

Are toll-free numbers exclusive?

Yes! Perhaps one of the main benefits of opting for a toll-free number is that once you have purchased it, its yours to use for as long as you like, from anywhere. You can use a simple call forwarding service to keep the number on the phone of your choosing, so even if you experience a relocation, your customers needn’t know!

The toll-free number you select is exclusive to you and nobody else will have that number, so if you’re looking to stand out from the competition then this is a great route to go down!

What are the benefits of getting a Saudi Arabia toll-free number?

In Saudi Arabia, there are literally millions of companies registered as employer firms. That’s A LOT of business to compete with, but by getting a toll free number, you can benefit from:

  • Incredibly low prices – G-Tele’s fees for a Saudi Arabia toll-free number are incredibly competitive.
  • Global reach – you can use your Saudi Arabia toll-free number anywhere around the globe
  • Easy setup numbers – G-Tele have the skills and experience necessary to setup a toll free number in Saudi Arabia with ease
  • No lengthy contacts – G-Tele only require a 1 year minimum term for a toll free number in Saudi Arabia so you can really test the market before committing to anything very long-term

Why choose G-Tele for your Saudi Arabia toll-free number?

There are so many telecommunication companies out there offering toll-free numbers, so why G-Tele? Besides the benefits mentioned above, they have an incredibly strong reputation having over 20 years’ experience in the industry. Their team are available to support you with the process of getting your Saudi Arabia toll-free number, and they also offer a range of additional services including translation services, call recording and conference calling to name but a few.

To find out more contact the team at G-Tele today.