Everything You Need to Know About Fire Pits in Melbourne

Fire pits have become increasingly popular in Melbourne in recent years, providing a warm and inviting space for outdoor entertainment during colder months. But before installing a fire pit, it’s important to understand the local regulations and safety measures that must be followed. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about fire pits in Melbourne.

  1. Fire Pit Regulations in Melbourne

Fire pits in Melbourne are regulated by the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) and the Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB). According to the VBA, fire pits must be at least 3 meters away from any combustible structure, such as a fence, building, or tree. They must also be at least 1 meter away from any flammable materials, such as leaves or grass.

In addition, the MFB has specific regulations on the types of fuels that can be used in fire pits. Only clean, dry, untreated wood can be burned in outdoor fire pits. This means that treated wood, including painted or stained wood, cannot be used as fuel.

  1. Types of Fire Pits

There are two main types of fire pits: portable and built-in. Portable fire pits are easy to move around and can be purchased at most hardware stores. They are typically made of metal or clay and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Built-in fire pits, on the other hand, are more permanent and require professional installation. They can be made of brick, stone, or concrete and can be designed to match the style of your home.

  1. Safety Measures

When using a fire pit, safety should always be a top priority. Here are some safety measures to keep in mind:

  • Keep a fire extinguisher nearby in case of an emergency.
  • Do not leave the fire pit unattended, and never leave children or pets unsupervised near it.
  • Do not use flammable liquids to start or accelerate the fire.
  • Do not overload the fire pit with too much wood, as this can cause it to become too hot and potentially start a fire.
  • Keep the area around the fire pit clear of any flammable materials, such as leaves, grass, or paper.
  • Use a screen or cover to prevent sparks and embers from flying out of the fire pit.
  1. Environmental Impact

Using a fire pit can have an impact on the environment. Burning wood releases carbon dioxide and other pollutants into the air, which can contribute to air pollution and climate change. To minimize the environmental impact of your fire pit, consider using it sparingly and using only clean, dry, untreated wood as fuel. You can also look into purchasing a fire pit that is designed to burn cleaner fuels, such as propane or natural gas.

  1. Maintenance

To keep your fire pit in good condition, it’s important to perform regular maintenance. Here are some maintenance tips:

  • Clean the fire pit regularly to remove any debris or ash.
  • Check the fire pit for any signs of damage, such as cracks or rust, and repair as necessary.
  • Store the fire pit indoors during the winter months to prevent damage from cold and moisture.

In conclusion, fire pits can provide a warm and inviting space for outdoor entertainment in Melbourne, but it’s important to follow local regulations and safety measures to ensure that they are used safely and responsibly. By understanding the different types of fire pits, safety measures, environmental impact, and maintenance tips, you can enjoy your fire pit for years to come.

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