Everything You Need to Know About Egyptian Cotton Sheets

A majority of people think that all types of cotton are created the same way and there are no differences between the various types of cotton. However, the fact remains that there are significant differences between the types of cotton. Among the different varieties of cotton that is available in the market, Egyptian cotton is considered one of the best. Luxury brands around the world chose this Egyptian cotton as it’s known for durability, softness, and strength. A lot of people wonder why this Egyptian cotton is different from the rest. The truth is that the cotton comes from a completely different plant which is called Gossypium Barbadense. It’s one of the varieties of cotton that are cultivated around the world. 

The special quality of this cotton is that it has significantly long fibers that provide extra-long staples to the sheets. It grows mainly in a tropical region as a small tree or bush. Now the cotton is cultivated around the various parts of the world including Egypt, China, Peru, Tajikistan, etc. Generally, these long fibers are perfect to create long yarns without sacrificing the length which further provides a stronger, softer, and long bed sheet. As these have finer threads, people can weave them into square inches and produce a flexible fabric. This is the reason why these cotton sheets are most preferred around the globe. 

How to Distinguish Between Original & Fake Egyptian Cotton Sheets?

This is one of the most common dilemmas people face when they’re looking for Egyptian cotton sheets. Since these are one of the most expensive and the most demanded sheets across the globe, there are people who’re selling fake cotton sheets in the name of Egyptian cotton. And a lot of people are getting fooled by them as they’re unaware of the factors that separate the original one from the fake ones. So, let’s take a look at the tips below to understand the differences, 

  • Higher Thread Count

Generally, the original Egyptian cotton always has a higher thread count which determines the quality of the sheet. Thread count is basically the thread numbers that have been woven to create the square inch. The more thread counts the sheet has, the better quality it provides. This is the prime indicator that one can use to separate the original Egyptian cotton from the fake ones. 

  • Breathability

The original Egyptian cotton is considered important to improve sleep quality as it features the quality of breathability. If anyone has suffered from sleeping difficulty but unable to find out the root cause, then it’s time to try the Egyptian cotton. In normal cotton sheets, the air doesn’t pass through the sheets which disturb people’s sleep. But Egyptian cotton provides breathability and one can sleep without any disturbance at night. People can consider this quality as well when it comes to differentiating between the original Egyptian cotton from the fake ones. 

  • Pricing 

Egyptian cotton sheets are fairly expensive since they provide premium quality sheets with durability, strength, and softness. There are people who offer these sheets at affordable prices but this needs to be noted that the quality can’t be the same as the original ones. If these are getting sold at a cheap price range, it’s a clear indicator that these are fake cotton sheets. These are a few things that one needs to consider to differentiate between a fake and an original Egyptian cotton sheet. 

The Benefits of Egyptian Cotton: 

There are innumerable advantages of Egyptian cotton. The long staples that provide finer threads with additional qualities including softness, strength, and silkiness are the reasons why most people prefer this type of cotton over others. However, one needs to be aware of the tips to buy the best bed sheets so that they can yield the advantages. Let’s take a look at the advantages one can yield from these Egyptian cotton sheets, 

  • This cotton is absorbent and porous which means it absorbs the dyes very quickly and provides a vibrant color combination that doesn’t fade quickly. Also, due to its absorbent nature, people can sleep comfortably. 
  • Generally piling is found in low-quality sheets and it provides an uncomfortable sleep during the night. Since the Egyptian cotton sheets consist of 100% cotton with high-quality threads and fibers, it produces less pilling and lint than that regular cotton. 
  • The best part of using Egyptian cotton is that the quality of this cotton doesn’t degrade over time rather it improves. The quality of any cotton sheet degrades as it ages but the Egyptian cotton gets softer especially after a few washes. So, it’s a worthwhile investment for anyone. 

Previously, it was pretty hard to find the relevant sellers that provide authentic Egyptian cotton but as the technology has improved, the businesses have become digital. So, one can easily find them online and order the best quality Egyptian sheets to have a comfortable sleep.