Everything you need to know about Ducted Air Conditioning

Air conditioning has become such a necessity nowadays. Be it your office or your home, there’s air conditioning systems almost in every building. We need them to tackle the harshness of the summer months and keep our calm while we are working or simply taking a nap.

Air conditioning technology has come ahead by making leaps and bounds of progress in terms of quality, efficiency and cost effectiveness. With numerous different kinds of air conditioning systems that are available in the market today, we are really able to pin point the perfect one that fits your need.

Here, we are discussing about Ducted Air Conditioning system, which is one of the most sought after options for people looking for simple, effective and on the go control of their home climates. Here are few facts that you should know while you are considering the idea of installing a Ducted Air Conditioning system in your home or office.

  1. Ducted air conditioning systems can help you moderate the temperature of tmyour entire home from anywhere with a simple click of a button or rotation of a dial. They are centrally controlled and hence have the flexibility of being signaled from anywhere within your place.
  2. Even though it is centrally controled, you can target individual rooms differently to give the residents independence of choosing their own favourable climate settings to help them get the best sleep or the perfect atmosphere to work in.
  3. They are quick. Since they work on a bigger scale than other Air conditioning systems, they bring with themselves more horsepower and thus they do the work quicker.
  4. You get less external hardware with these systems. Since this is one single unit that does the cooling you do not have to deal with different outlet hardware of each individual room in your home. This also adds to the aesthetics of your home.
  5. They are said to be more energy efficient than other systems but there are a number of factors that affect this. Your homes insulation is an important factor. Good insulation means longer temperature stability hence less consumption. The area that needs to be cooled/heated also plays a significant role. Bigger areas need more energy and vice versa.

Ducted air conditioning systems can be used to cool as well as heat your surroundings as and when required. For places that have harsh climatic conditions all year round this can be a really good option. 

These systems require regular maintenance as clogged filters will decrease the efficiency by a significant value. You also will need to keep a check for leaks and punctures in the ducts which can suck up efficiency by as much as 40 percent.

Every Air conditioning system is different and suits people with different requirements. Make sure you study the features of the system before you plan of installing it in your property. You need to look at is as more of an investment and take an informed decision on the matter.