Everything You Need to Know About Diablo 4’s Server Slam Preload Times

Diablo 4, one of the most anticipated games of the year, is finally coming closer to release. Fans of the series are eagerly awaiting the open beta, Server Slam, which will take place from May 12 to May 14. As with any large game, the download size is considerable, which is why Blizzard has announced that preload times will soon be available. In this article, we’ll give you everything you need to know about the Server Slam preload times, so you can get the most out of your weekend.


To ensure you have enough time to download the beta and start playing, preload times for the Diablo 4 Server Slam will go live soon. Starting from 12:00 PST / 15:00 EST / 20:00 BST on May 10, you can initiate the download process, so you’re ready to go when the beta starts.

To gain access to the beta, you can easily navigate to the Diablo 4 Server Slam application on Xbox by visiting the Xbox Store, or on PlayStation consoles by visiting the PlayStation Store. As the beta is free, you don’t need a subscription to Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus to participate. However, these subscriptions will be required for the game’s full launch on June 6 if you want to access multiplayer.

If you’re playing on a PC, you can locate the beta on the BattleNet launcher within the ‘All Games’ category.Once you have chosen Diablo 4, you can use the drop-down menu located on the bottom left of the screen to select ‘Server Slam.’If you’re interested in buying Diablo 4 items or looking for a reliable site to buy MMORPG items, you may want to check out buymmog.


As the name suggests, the Server Slam is the final open beta for Diablo 4, and it’s intended to stress-test Blizzard’s servers. With the previous open beta experiencing long queue times and crashes, it remains to be seen whether the Server Slam will be a smoother experience. However, with the beta available across all platforms, some connection issues are to be expected.

This beta will offer many of the same features as previous ones, including the opportunity to earn the Cry of Ashava mount trophy. To obtain this trophy, players must reach level 20 on one character during the beta and defeat the world boss, Ashava.

In addition to the Cry of Ashava mount trophy, players can expect to find a range of other content, including new zones, quests, and character classes. According to Blizzard, the beta will also offer an expanded progression system, which will allow players to unlock new abilities as they progress through the game.