Everything You Need to Know About Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Conversion rate optimization is the process through which one can increase the number of the users or visitors at a specific site. The desired action performed by the user may include shopping, purchasing a specific product, clicking a link, adding your product to the cart and filling a form etc. The major emphasis should be on the desire of your customer that in which product they are interested and what they actually want. This is the way to improve your website conversion rate. 

Calculation of the conversion is quite a simple task.  It can be obtained by dividing the number of the conversions with the total number of the visitors that have visited that specific site and then multiply that with 100 to get the conversion rate. Through the optimization of your conversion rate one can increase the profit per visitor. It can be used for the marketing purpose, for landing pages and for your email purposes. For fixing the low rate of conversion one can use cardinal as armament. Through this one can improve the low rates of conversion of your sites. Different “conversion rate optimization agency are working which main purpose is to improve the reliability of your site for the visitors. Optimization of your conversion rate is very important because if a visitor feels some difficulty in opening your site then the chances of that customer to come on that site again is very difficult. For this purpose, optimization of your conversion rate is needed.

There are the several benefits of good conversion rate optimization. Some of them include saving your money, time and efforts. It also increases the growth chances of your business. Good conversion rate optimization provides you a better understanding of the proper usage of your site and also helps you in understanding the behavior of your clients. Conversion rate optimization takes out the speculation from your work of digital marketing.

An excellent conversion rate optimization requires deep analysis of results, several testing, good quality and relevancy of your content and there should be an educated conclusion of your work. A good conversion rate optimization should have the following features:

  • Landing pages
  • Website copy
  • Call-to-Action

Landing Pages:

It’s a web page that can enable you to capture the information about the visitors that have visited your site. With the help of an optimized landing page for your marketing work you can improve the effectives of your work and your site.

Website copy:

A well developed and well-designed website attracts the visitors to your site. Conversion rate optimization agencies mostly work on developing an excellent websites. By making an excellent website copy has several advantages like it attracts a large number of visitors to your site and it also gives your visitor confidence of taking an action.


It is actually a request or call to a customer to perform the desired action on the visiting site. Some of the common types of the CTAs are “Buy It Now/Buy Now” buttons; social media share buttons and widgets etc.