Everything You Need To Know About Bone Cancer And Its Treatment

Bone cancer has been tagged as the rarest cancer. It generally starts from either on a bone of your leg or forearm and moves along the nerves of the body. But in some cases, it may affect any part of your body. Bone cancer is broadly classified into two types, based on the crisis and the proximity of the damage the disease has done to your body – primary bone cancer and secondary bone cancer. Both have a drastic effect on the bone cell, which helps in making the bones of the body. 

Bone cancer treatment generally varies on the type and stage of the disease and the person’s past medical history. The line of treatment is decided after the diagnosis is made by the doctor. 


What is primary bone cancer?

In primary bone cancer, the bone making cells starts growing extremely fast and can not be kept under control. It is more likely to happen in children while growing up. Adults get affected by it only if they previously had to undergo specific ray therapies for a different type of cancer or have some genetic history. 


What is secondary bone cancer?

In secondary bone cancer, a person develops a condition when the cancerous cells start to grow in the tissues of the different parts of the body like around the breast area or in the prostate. It is dangerous because it starts from the tissues only to grow through the bones, ultimately bringing the life of the person at stake. The most common area is around the pelvis or in the thigh area. 


Diagnosis of bone cancer-

You should be immediately seeking medical help if you suffer from pain in the bones or recurrent swelling. Also, sudden loss in body weight can be a hidden symptom of bone cancer. Your doctor will write some tests to identify the problem and start the right treatment. 


Treatment of primary bone cancer-

There are various types of bone cancer treatment. The doctor can suggest surgery to ensure full recovery from the disease and to kill chances of relapsing. Also, options of radiotherapy and chemotherapy are available in which drugs will be injected in your body to kill the existing cancerous cell and to stop them from regrowing. The doctor will decide on which process will help you to heal faster. 


Treatment of secondary bone cancer-

Apart from the current treatment options of surgery and therapies, the doctor may give you various medications to improve your bone-building capabilities, pain-relieving steroids, and various hormone therapies to control and kill the damaged tissues. You may require one or more than one treatment to get cured faster.