Everything You Need To Know About Bollywood Dance Style

Welcome to India. Here people live in a way that is known to be larger than life in every word. In India, you will find people from every culture and every part of the world. It’s a concoction of culture and ethnicity that are vibrant and energetic, when it comes together, forms an epic encounter.

Besides its food, historical places, and culture, India is best known for its cinema. Its whole array of movies, popularly known as Bollywood or Hindi cinema, has left Western media behind as the most prominent film producer in the 1970s. Moreover, an enormous range of studios/institutes are there offering bollywood dance classes in both online and offline mode. 

Bollywood is based in Mumbai and is known for its outlandish movies to its alluring glamour; they are world-famous. And it is not just limited to India; Bollywood has already spread its influence worldwide. 

India on its own is a vast country based on its culture; the same applies to Bollywood. It’s not just a single entity but a cluster of movies of different languages- from Malayalam to Bengali to Kannada to Punjabi, so on and so forth.

So, what is it that makes Indian cinema so charming and popular?

One thing that sets the Bollywood movies apart from other films is their dancing. This phenomenon was so widespread that a new dance form was coined in India and the world due to its popularity, Bollywood dance style. 

Bollywood dancing style is so prevalent in Indian culture that a Bollywood dance is a must for every celebration or occasion, or festival. And as Indians are already embracing Bollywood dancing styles by joining Bollywood Dance Classes, it became more popular. 

Are you new to Bollywood dancing? Let’s understand it first:

Fabled Bollywood Dance Style

If Bollywood dancing can be explained in a word, it would be positively eccentric. But it cannot be boxed in one word, just like its origin culture. In its origin state, the Bollywood dancing style consisted of the leading actor with their backup dancers performing a very folk and traditional dance in a set-up where the set is also conventional and olden. 

The dances were repetitive and influenced classical dance, Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Mujra, etc. It focused more on depicting a movement with the specific actions of your legs, arms, neck, eyes, etc. It was very concise in its act.

This is what the origin of Bollywood dance looked like. It will act as a base for the years to come and would be remembered as the classic days of Bollywood. As the production quality increased and the world view of India also started to increase, its change was reflected in the dance forms. 

As globalization occurred in India, the influence of western culture was seen in Bollywood too. The popularity of love songs and dance matching became popular. Alongside this, hip-hop and urban styles were being inspired in the dances. It brought a change in tone that was unique, westernized, and widely accepted by the youngsters.

Many developments in the Bollywood dance styles, from romantic dance, to more dance-oriented to catchy item song dances. This made Bollywood dance style what it is today. Later the years, the Bollywood dance style was not copying the western market but creating its signature. 

With high-paced movements, catching steps is what made what Bollywood dance style is today. Is it not only widely welcomed but also acting as a perfect workout. Believe it or not, with its catchy beats and steps, it’s the best way for a sweaty workout. It is a hybrid form of dance. Many Bollywood dance classes are now organised due to its increasing demand among the consumers.

Songs In Bollywood Dance

Songs in Bollywood dance played a very crucial role in making it famous and popular. Earlier with a more sober and slow rhythm, the dance correlated to this and matched the rhyme.

Though, classical songs were used majorly but as the times progressed, so did the vocals. They became more upbeat, mainly like club bangers. The new songs were catchy enough to bring you to your feet and make you automatically dance. The songs were made in a way, so that both the songs and the dance can be catchy enough to let the viewer learn and follow, replaying them repeatedly. 


Earlier choreographers were just a backdrop, and their jobs were not that celebrated. Even though they were the building blocks of Indian cinema, they were still not appreciated. But as the times changed and so did the mentality. 

It was understood that the job of a choreographer is not that easy and is as hard as any other job and maybe more. Now the choreographers were credited for their work and not just a backdrop but an essential part. Choreographers providing Bollywood dance classes are selling like hot pancakes. The choreographer also made steps and movements that matched the song and dance. In the Bollywood dance style, they were responsible for revolutionizing the dance style and made it unique. 


The Bollywood dance style has come a long way from where it started and still has a long way to go. It will be continuously evolving. You can also learn bollywood moves by joining Bollywood dance classes online to be active in these times and learn the new cool thing.