Everything You Need To Know About Amazon Vendor Central

There is a wide array of benefits Amazon offers to the sellers, also known as vendors. One such program that is highly popular in the digital sphere is vendor central platform offered by Amazon. It is an invite-only platform that has earned quite a reputation among vendors across the globe. However, you cannot approach Amazon to be a part of the program of vendor central in Canada. If you are not invited by Amazon, you cannot be a part of the program.

Let’s understand what Amazon vendor central program is.

Here, under the vendor central program, Amazon contacts the vendors and buy products in bulk and then sell them to the customers. You are called the first-party seller here and you are acting as a supplier who sells products in bulk to Amazon.

Let’s discuss some of the advantages of the Amazon vendor central program:

Consumer Confidence

When Amazon decides to sell your products, it offers a seal of approval to the products which will be appreciated by the consumers and they will trust your brand and keep in high regards. As a third party vendor, it will take time for your brand to earn such trust and you also need to put some efforts for that. Here, your brand is endorsed by Amazon, hence the trust factor works in your favour.

Good Advertising Opportunities

Even if you are selling products on Amazon, you need to use Amazon marketing services that offer some unmatched options to optimize your product pages to get noticed when your potential buyers visit on your page. Keyword-oriented advertising campaigns can drive more traffic on your product pages by ranking them on the top of the search results. However, when you are a part of the Vendor Central program, you will have robust options to use when running AMS ad campaigns. You can also buy and sell websites in Canada to become a part of the new all-in-one marketplace for your industry-specific business and boost your sales and revenues.

Simplified Business Model

When it comes to ease of doing business, Amazon ranks higher than other portals. Also, when you are a part of the vendor central program, you can get some lucrative benefits and favours from Amazon. As a vendor, you just need to focus on purchase order fillings, billings and avoiding chargebacks.

A+ Content and Other Marketing Tools

For vendors selling products through the Vendor Central program, Amazon offers them the option to create content via Amazon A+ Detail pages. Also, you can participate in programs such as Amazon Vine to get reviewed your products by top reviewers before they hit the shelves. Such reviews can be helpful as consumers would prefer products with good reviews. Such user-generated content can boost your sales and revenues.

Disadvantages of Amazon Vendor Central

No Control on Pricing

One of the most tangible disadvantages of this program is that you cannot do anything with product pricings as Amazon can adjust retail pricing any time they want. For example you are dealing in Tea powder. Your price is $5 for customers. But company can charge $7 for customers and you can’t do anything in this case.

Logistic Requirements

When it comes to purchasing orders, Amazon has specific and strict guidelines, failing which might result in chargebacks.


When you take great care about stocks and maintaining orders, you can easily avoid such chargebacks. In addition to that, the vendor central in Canada has more pros than cons and if you want to improve your sales and revenues, the Vendor Central program is exclusively for you.

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