Everything you need to know about Amazon Price Tracker

Amazon price tracker

An amazon price tracker can be defined as a tool or software that is used to track the fluctuations of the price of different products, pop-ups notifications to users in case of a drop or hike in price. It also helps us in comparing prices so that we can get the best out of the best deals. 

Few things you need to know while choosing price tracking software. 

  • The tool Should provide you with a full view of your competitors’ pricing fluctuations.
  • The tool Should include mobile apps or have a chrome extension
  • The tool Should allow you to track products on Amazon and must not be restricted to a selection of any items in list.

Why Sellers Should Use Amazon Price Tracker?

As an amazon seller, it is necessary to know the price of your competition to compare with your price. Tracking prices manually is a very boring job especially when you have countless products and infinite competition. In such cases, Amazon price tracking sites play a crucial role, it automate the tracking for huge numbers of listings. Amazon sellers are operating from everywhere in the world including UK, Canada, India, Japan, USA, China and many other countries take the help of price trackers to track prices and product availability to stay updated with the competition. If you don’t keep an eye on the prices of your competitors on daily basis and don’t set your prices accordingly then you are losing your sales every day.

In case, if you hire someone to do this job for you it will add an unwanted huge expense to your business and that is only for 8-10 hours a day. And, there are still many chances of errors in manual tracking. Act smart and don’t leave any money by selling at the lower margin. Offer a more variety of products than your competitors to the buyers, with amazon product availability tracker more often and also improve your stats, it all possible when you know the next move of your competitor you can also compare prices with your competitors and a book a high margin.

What is Amazon’s pricing model?

Amazon’s pricing model is basically based on keeping prices as low as possible for the buyer. This means the prices of products can change a number of times, during a single day working day. Keeping prices low as compared to your competitors drives loyalty.

Amazon pricing model can take things one step further. We all see the advantage of purchasing things online. But in this huge competition begin on top in a single product is very difficult, it can only be possible only when we have our competitor’s price and stock data. This builds trust and increases sales by calling the same customers again and again.

Many sellers choose to cut their competition, usually by minor dollars in order to earn a better place and goodwill in the marketplace. Undercutting the competitors is called ‘repricing’ and it can be done via deducting something from our profits