Everything You Need to Know About 5G

As people are changing, things are becoming complicated in some way or the other. The new generation is faster, intelligent, independent and quicker in finding a correct answer for themselves. So, for such speedy generation we want a technology that is extra fast, easier and have unlimited speed.

5G is the newest mobile network for our super powerful generation who can stream high definition videos without any loading. This is not just one specialty of 5G but thousand others such as integrate and control machines, devices and objects.

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So, what is 5G and why 5G?. 1

Who are the beneficiaries of 5G?. 1

Is 5G arrived? Which countries have deployed this technology?. 2

What are the danger aspects of 5G if fully incorporated?. 3

Final verdict 3

The definition of what is 5G, why it is popular in today’s world and why big companies choosing such hyped wireless technology to integrate data transmissions. These all elements will be covered below stay tuned.

So, what is 5G and why 5G?

This is the question every other article has defined what exactly is 5G about?

So, let us first go into a brief introduction. You already know it’s a wireless technology which is becoming popular because of its speed, fastest connection and that’s all. But 5G is more than that. When a student searches for best dissertation topic of 2019 5G technology instantly gives your results without any buffering.

It covers three major elements in terms of popularity, greater speed means transmitting more data (which has been told many times), and lower potential means to be more responsive lastly ability to connect not just one device at a time but as many devices at a time which is specifically for sensors and smart devices.

When talking about why we need to use 5G, when we already have 4G fastest speed network on our hands. Well, we don’t just focus on speed we need to remind ourselves about best consumer experiences and newer applications who would take advantage of 5G as a whole.

Who are the beneficiaries of 5G?

There are many people who would be at an advantage by using 5G network.

Talking about health care or medical platforms they are the one who get equal benefit in incorporating 5G as the doctor can diagnose or even perform serious cases far away locations using AI Robots. This will save many lives of people who are in sever conditions and there are no facilities for them to cure their illness.

Secondly, whoever is the game lover would know the hassle of poor network. Every time you are dodging your opponent and about to win a round the speed drain your efforts. So, with 5G just put on your headset and go to the virtual world and beat your opponent without any disconnection.

With the 5G network being 100 times more speed than 4G LET. So, when 5G will be fully transformed in every other house or business units what more benefits it may provide to others.

Is 5G arrived? Which countries have deployed this technology?

The trial for 5G, how will it work in devices or countries these all have been started in the early 2018? Now technology oriented countries have chosen themselves to provide 5G networks working earlier than ever.

Number country to perform its 5G operations earlier in 2018 is South Korea. The country owned popular for its Samsung smart phones, has already made an announcement of 5G trail to be held in 2018 Winter Olympics in Seoul done by Telecom company.

 South Korea’s SK Telecom has offers 5G services with the help of Swiss Telecom Company as partnership. On December 1, 2018 these three South Korean companies SK Telecom, LG Uplus and KT are the initiators of 5G technology they firstly go for some specific companies as a trial then gradually implement 5G for public use.

United Kingdom is also in the race of incorporating 5G earlier in 2020. They started their 5G program in 2019 by the largest network operator EE which was first begin in London.

Many companies have tested this technology in various aspects to be launched in UK. Similarly Vodafone a big mobile telecommunication provider has first tested its 5G in car communications and then incorporate 5G coverage in 15 UK locations with further be implemented in near 2020.

Mobiles phones which have already incorporate 5G functions

  1. Samsung Galaxy S10 5G (4500mAh battery with wireless charger, 8GB RAM and 512GB internal storage)
  2. Huawei Mate X 5G (5000 5G modem chip, 8GB RAM with storage capacity 512GB can easily charge the battery within 30 minutes with super charger)
  3. Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G  (855 mobile platform and X50 5G modem to give gigabit download speed plus the design of its camera is mind blowing use Sony’s sensor IMX576 to create detailed shots)
  4. OPPO Reno 5G (three camera in total, 48 MP main sensor, 13 MP telephoto lens, and an 8 MP wide-angle lens plus 10x lossless zoom.

What are the danger aspects of 5G if fully incorporated?

Well, we have discussed all the advantages of how the 5G will work and why we need 5g and all but did you realise the aftermaths of such hyped technology. Or is it just a myth?

The radiations coming from 5g Spectrum have an adverse effect on human’s life.  The radioactive waves which are will cause cancer or brain tumor diseases as said by Food and drug Association (FDA).

 Another study led by National Toxicology Program (NTP) suggests that through their experiment 2G and 3G radiations on rats to check will it harm them in cancerous disease. As shown a result that goes opposite to what we are expecting the rate that got expose to high radiation was diagnosed with cancerous heart tumor. However, another scientist suggest the exposure on rat was way too much than average humans get while using smart phones.

Although, many studies give different experimental results we are still not sure about 5G being a major threat to humans or it’s just a rumor to stop it from incorporating in the world.

Final verdict    

We will see what 5G has to deliver to the humans as 2020 is the year for this technology to show its fullest functions and exposure to the world. Who knows the newest wireless technology will make be used in coming years, as if for now some countries has added their 5G networks already. The near 2024 will be the year of 5G being subscribed by 1.9 billion users. Assignment writing service UK has said 64% of the people has suggested 5G to be widely functioned by 2020.

Author bio:

Adam sheen is the PHD qualified in Accounting, governance and Financial Management from the University of Sheffield, he is always been interested in new technology trends and how they works what are their implications.