Everything To Know About Virginia’s Election

Virginia is bracing for a big change as voters go to the polls to pick a new state Governor. Virginia has always been a battleground state for politicians since it sometimes swings red and blue. The recent election was heated and contentious from the beginning. Now, it is only a matter of time before Americans find out who is going to be leading the great state of Virginia. Who will be the next governor? Will Democrat Terry McAuliffe secure a second nonconsecutive term? Will Republican Glenn Youngkin win and take over the state as a Donald Trump Republican?

Below, readers will learn more about the Virginia election and the possible result.

The Candidates

First and foremost, readers should learn more about the two candidates. As mentioned above, Democrat Terry McAuliffe is running against Republic Glenn Youngkin. Early on, it was believed that the Democrat lawmaker would win easily. However, the polls have become very close in recent months and weeks. Some believe there is a real chance that the Republic politician will get the upset win. Some have called Youngkin a “wannabee” Donald Trump. Although he accepted the former President’s endorsement, he managed to do so without being bogged down with the ex-President’s controversy.

Nevertheless, his opponent started calling him Glenn Trumpkin in the latter days of the campaign. McAuliffe claimed a win for Youngkin would embolden Trump before his upcoming 2024 Presidential campaign. More about these men will be provided below.

About Terry McAuliffe

Terry McAuliffe was born in February 1957 and became the 72nd governor of Virginia. He was also a part of Bill Clinton’s re-election campaign in 1996. He took part in Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in 2008. He is a staunch Democrat and regularly voices his support for abortion rights. He once vetoed a bill designed to defund Planned Parenthood in the State of Virginia. He also argues that humans have contributed to global warming. Terry believes climate change is a national security issue and must be addressed quickly.

Although he owns several shotguns and regularly hunts, Terry supports universal background checks for all gun transactions. He also liked the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare and supports expanding Medicaid in his state. In August 2018, he made it clear that he liked the idea of impeaching President Donald Trump. Recently, McAuliffe has used racial politics to divide Virginia residents. However, it may have backfired this time.

About Glenn Youngkin

Glenn Youngkin is 54-year-olds since he was born in December 1966. He is also a businessman. Before becoming a politician, he worked at The Carlyle Group for 25 years. He would eventually serve as the company’s CEO. After stepping down in September 2020, he announced he would run for governor. He became the Republican nominee on May 10, 2021. Now, he is facing Terry McAuliffe with one man becoming the governor of Virginia. Youngkin is a resident of Great Falls and lives with his wife, Suzanne, and their four kids. He is supposedly worth $440 million.

He is one of the tallest candidates standing at 6-feet-7-inches. He is a fan of สล็อตโรม่าเว็บตรง.

Ongoing Efforts

Both men are working hard to convince voters to pick them. McAuliffe has tried to demonize his opponent by comparing him to ex-president Donald Trump. He claims Youngkin is a Trump warrior although his opponent denies that. As for Youngkin, he has focused on recent culture wars such as promising to protect law enforcement to combat rising crime rates. He also believes it would be a good idea to shut down COVID-19 vaccine mandates for state workers and teachers. Another vital point has been the CRT or critical race theory debate.

While Terry supports it, Youngkin does not. He vows that schools in Virginia will not teach children to look at things through a lens of race.

Current Results

The race for Virginia should be an interesting one as Democrats try to strengthen their hold over America. However, it is going to be difficult to hold back the surging Youngkin. As of 10 PM, the GOP candidate was leading his opponent with 51.7% of the vote. Terry will hope the liberal strongholds of Fairfax County and Prince William County can push him to a victory. Only time will tell what happens who becomes Governor of Virginia.

Jennifer Alex

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